Warrior Dynasty AX1LT Stick Review

Warrior Dynasty AX1LT Stick

Released on February 15th of this year, the Warrior Dynasty AX1LT stick is the follow up to the previous year’s Dynasty AX1. Warrior has made a few nice changes, while carrying over the Mid Kick flex profile and AXY SYM technology from the previous generation. Thanks to Keith at Warrior Hockey, we were able to thoroughly test the stick and address the new additions. After using the Dynasty AX1LT stick for about a month now, we have put together a review.

Specs: Warrior Dynasty AX1LT, 75 flex, W28 Yakupov curve.

Modifications: Cut down 2.5 inches.

Design and Construction: For the Dynasty AX1LT, Warrior went with an overall silver and grey colour with hints of yellow throughout the stick. At first, I was skeptical of whether or not I would be a fan of the silver graphics. Upon receiving the stick, I was very impressed. The silver graphics featured somewhat of a matte-metallic finish, which is not at all distracting when looking down at the puck. The logos on the stick are reversed when you flip the stick from the backhand to the forehand, with the Warrior logo on the bottom of the stick on the forehand, and the top of the stick on the backhand; vice versa with the Dynasty logos. The coolest part about the graphics is the bar of specs near the top of the stick. It’s always neat to see little details like these.

Warrior Dynasty AX1LT Stick

For the construction, Warrior has kept with their AXYSYM technology.  This means that the fibres on the front are designed the stretch, while the fibres on the back are designed to compress. Paired with the Mid Kick flex profile, this will maximize the amount of energy you can generate in your shot. In the blade, Warrior has gone with their Hardcore X blade package, which has a 60% higher compression resistance and 40% greater tensile strength than their previous core. For even greater strength and durability, they have added a layer of carbon-plated glass fibre to reduce chipping and cracking, and an aramid sole to the bottom of the blade to increase impact toughness. Carrying over from the Covert line are the TwinSpar EXT structures, which are internal carbon structures that extend from the blade up through the hosel to create a more durable and responsive blade.

Feel: The adjustments in the blade give the stick a very solid puck feel. When stick handling I could feel the puck wherever it was on my blade, which is what I love to have in a stick. As for weight, the stick feels very light in my hands, but not too light. The stick balances out the weight really well, leading to a more solid feel.

The grip on the Dynasty AX1LT has a very nice feel. The velvet finish gives the stick a grippy feel, while still allowing me to slide my hands up and down the shaft with ease. If I needed a solid grip on the stick, all I would have to do is apply a little pressure. In addition to the velvet finish, there is a polar-fibre like texture on all the black graphics of the stick. A downside to the grip is that it seemed to peel and flake off on the corners of the stick easier than I expected, but it wasn’t really a big deal to me.

Shooting and Accuracy: My shots with the Dynasty AX1LT came off very hard. Being a user of low-kick sticks, I wasn’t really sure what to expect when it came to shooting. When the time came to use it on the ice for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised by how hard I could shoot. Slapshots came off crisp, and I could still fire off a quick wrister or snap shot without sacrificing any power.  The blade doesn’t open up at all, which leads to more accurate shooting and passing.

Durability: A big concern for me with sticks is durability, especially in the blade. Other than a small chip on the blade of the stick, the durability of the Dynasty AX1LT is phenomenal. The stick feels very solid, and it doesn’t feel like it will break on me anytime soon.

Overall Impressions: The Warrior Dynasty AX1LT is a great stick. The AXYSYM technology and Mid Kick flex profile paired with a strong, durable blade makes this stick a good choice for anyone looking for a more powerful shot. If you’re a fan of Mid Kick sticks, or looking to try one out, I’d highly suggest picking one of these up.




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  1. I have the Senior and son has the Junior, both sticks split on the bottom and blades cracked, along with the tips. DO NOT BUY THIS STICK, I contacted Warrior and they could care less.

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