Mission Inhaler DS1 Pants

Mission Inhaler DS1 Pants
Photo Credit: Ivana Hošková’

Mission Hockey has reworked their pants for 2014, and will be releasing the Mission Inhaler DS1 pants as their top of the line pants.  According to Mission, they have “thought of every detail in these pants, including adding a second pocket. The Inhaler DS pants hold your hip pads and shinnies in place and then get out of your way.”

Jumping into the specifications, we’ll see that Mission is using a brand new knee panel on their Inhaler DS1 pants. This new Flex Rib Knee construction will help to increase durability in the knees while maintaining maximum mobility.

Just below the knees you’ll see Mission is bringing back their rip sling technology to help keep your shin guards in place and keep the legs a bit tighter. Down near the ankle they’ve added their new Ankle Cinch technology allowing players to taper the pants if they choose to, or leave them open for more of a straight leg fit.

Mission has also brought back their comfort wast line design with front tie enclosure. Of course this is an Inhaler product, so it would not be complete without mentioning the Inhaler ventilated mesh throughout the pants to help with breathability and keeping you cool throughout play.

The new Mission Inhaler DS1 pants will be on sale later this summer at InlineWarehouse.com. Until then, drop us a line in the comments and let us know what you think of the new Mission Inhaler DS1 pants.

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  1. Does Mission usually release their line all at the same time? I saw there are new skates too. What about a new girdle?

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