Alkali RPD Max + Skates

Alkali Hockey has now started releasing information regarding their new product line for 2014-15. Their flagship skates will be the Alkali RPD Max + skates, and they will be available for purchase in the fourth quarter of 2014.

The Alkali RPD Max + skates have picked up a bit of a new design, but they should still look fairly familiar. They’re still rocking an aggressive forward lean along with reduced toe spring on the boot. This will help you get on to the front of the skate more and allow for more drive to go into the floor. The result, faster speeds and greater acceleration. The lower profile chassis will also provide an improved turning radius, and balanced is improved by recessing the 2nd wheel.

The RPD Max + skates will utilize Alkali’s exclusive purlyn quarter package. This material is 100% heat moldable, incredibly light, and also extremely protective and durable. Thanks to that, and the wider forefoot and pro roller last, just about any foot shape should be able to comfortably fit in these skates following a bake.

Additionally, Alkali will be using a flexible tendon guard to increase range of motion throughout your stride. They will also have a thermoformable lace bite tongue insert to increase protection from lace bite.

Inside the boot, Alkali went with an Actvwick hydrophobic wicking liner. Not only will it help keep your feet dry during games, but the anti-slip properties will help keep your foot locked in place too.

The RPD Max + skates will come with Labeda Addiction wheels which will spin on Swiss Elite 608 bearings. Inside and out, this is a top end skate and Alkali has put a lot of thought into moving their roller hockey products forward.

As I mentioned before, the Alkali RPD Max + skates will be available in the fourth quarter of 2014. Check out the picture below and drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts!

Alkali RPD Max+ Skates

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