Alkali RPD Shift + Skates

Coming from Alkali later this year, as their 2nd highest level skate, we’ll see the new Alkali RPD Shift + skates. The Alkali RPD Shift + skates will feature a sharp look with strong white accents on a primarily black quarter package. The skates are also accented with some bold blue wheels, giving these skates a unique look.

The RPD Shift + skates will feature Alkali’s Purlyn ulra light quarter package construction. These quarters are 100% heat moldable to provide an incredible fit for almost any foot shape. The material also helps to increase energy return and improve impact resistance.

Alkali has brought their comfort edge upper ankle pads to this price point, as well as their flexible tendon guard for allowing an increased range of motion and proper stride extension. Additionally, you’ll find a three piece fully ventilated 9mm pro felt tongue on the Shift + skates. The tongues will include a thermoformable lace bite insert as well.

Inside the boot, Alkali will be utilizing their Actvwick anti-slip moisture wicking liner. This liner will be great not only for keeping your feet dry during an intense game, but also for helping to keep your foot locked in place.

The Alkali RPD Shift + skates will be using a movement CNC extruded chassis to provide a quick turning radius, improved balance and great power transfer. The skates will feature Labeda Dynasty wheels, of course in that bold blue color mentioned previously, and those wheels will feature Swiss Lite 608 bearings.

Alkali will be bringing the RPD Shift + skates to market in the 4th quarter of 2014 and you will definitely be able to pick a pair up from our friends at Inline Warehouse. Until then, check out the skates below and drop us a note in the comments which your thoughts!

Alkali RPD Shift + Skates


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