Sherwood T120 Stick

Sherwood Hockey is preparing to release their successor to the T100 stick. Officially launching on October 1st, 2014, the company has slowly been leaking pictures of their brand new Sherwood T120 stick via social media.

While we’re not too sure on specifics right now, we know the Sherwood T120 stick will feature a primarily black color scheme with red accents throughout the shaft. Additionally, we’re hearing that the Sherwood T120 stick will weigh in at less than 400 grams.

Check out the couple pictures we have of the Sherwood T120 stick below and drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts. Do you like the look of the T120? Will you be picking one up on October 1st to replace your current twig? Let us know!

Sherwood T120 Stick   Sherwood T120 Hockey Stick


  1. Picked up a stick today for my Daughter and love the feel of it nice and light. The true test will come this weekend when she has a game.

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