Easton V9E Elite Edition Stick

Easton Hockey has just unveiled an awesome update to their Velocity line of sticks and changed the graphics package completely.

Known for its insanely quick release, elliptical taper, and hyper toe technology, the Easton V9E stick has been a solid choice for players who seek tremendous performance out of their stick.¬†With the new V9E Elite Edition stick, we can expect all of the same technology that appeared in the original V9E stick. The difference you’ll notice will be the brand new chrome and black design of the stick.

The original V9E stick already had a solid look to it. This update from Easton, however, makes the stick a bit more flashy.

Check out the new Easton V9E Elite Edition stick below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Easton V9E Elite Edition Stick

If you’re interested in picking up a new Easton V9E Elite Edition stick, you can buy one from Inline and Ice Warehouse today. The Elite Edition V9E stick cost $259.99 and you can grab yours by clicking here.

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  1. The stick is completely different from the original V9e. New grip, no tactile corners, feels squarer, and the kick point is messed up. Also it is very stiff compared to the original. I broke mine on purpose and sent it to Easton so I could get an HTX. DO NOT WASTE 300 BONES ON THIS STICK!!!!

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