STX Surgeon 300 Stick

STX Surgeon 300 Stick

STX, most well known for their Lacrosse equipment, is continuing their efforts in the hockey department. Not long ago, they took the wraps off of the STX Surgeon 300 stick.

The STX Surgeon 300 stick features a precision flex profile. This means the shaft has dual kick points in order to react to each different shot attempt and your specific style of play on the ice. The shaft of the Surgeon 300 stick is constructed using 3K carbon.

Into the blade, STX will offer a blade surface designed to be more forgiving. The intent of this forgiving surface is to improve puck feel while stick handling. Differentiating itself from the shaft, the blade will be constructed using 12K carbon for improved performance at a lower price point.

STX aims to build sticks with the highest balance point, and the Surgeon 300 stick is no different. Their ultra-high balance point is said to improve the overall feel of the stick, as well as the play-ability.

The STX Surgeon 300 stick will be offered in senior, intermediate, and junior sizes. The senior sizes will come in 100 flex, 85 flex, and 75 flex, all with four different blade patterns to choose from. On the intermediate level, you’ll see a 60 flex stick with 3 different blade patterns. Finally, for the junior size, you’ll get a 45 flex stick with two patterns to choose from.

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