Make Your Jersey Into a Sticker or Magnet with PeelStar

Have you ever wanted to turn your hockey jersey into a sticker for your laptop, wall, or car? How about a magnet so you can display it on your fridge?

You can do just that using

PeelStar allows you to easily and enjoyably design mini replica decals of your jersey as either a sticker or a magnet. The design interface is simple, and allows you to customize everything from your name on the back of the jersey, to the colors, and even allows you to choose the collar and sleeve type of your jersey.

PeelStar decals are also easy to move around from one location to another. They were designed to be ultra-repositionable, and will never leave behind a sticky residue. They will also not cause any damage to your walls or vehicles.

The large decals that can be ordered measure 25 inches by 25 inches, making your jersey decal a pretty solid size and great for a bedroom wall. The small decals are ideal for a device such as a laptop, or on a car window or another smooth surface.

PeelStar decals are also weather resistant, so you don’t need to worry about your decal washing off in the rain if you decide to order one for your car.

You can score a small PeelStar decal for only $7.99, or grab a large one for $24.99. If you’re looking for a magnet instead, you can pick up a small one for $12.99, or go for the large magnet at $59.99.

For more information on PeelStar, or to try making one today, head over to!


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