CCM Ultra Tacks Gloves

The new CCM Ultra Tacks gloves are now on display at the World Junior Championships. They are being used by several teams and players, but below we have a shot of them being worn by a player on Team Russia.

CCM Ultra Tacks gloves will offer a closer and snug fit around your hand with an open cuff to improve mobility. The open and segmented cuff will also improve your stick handling control.

The protective properties of the CCM Ultra Tacks gloves have been improved as well. CCM will be using pro level PE foam and PE inserts with D3O smart foam along the fingers and backhand. We’re hearing the D3O material is similar to what Bauer has with Poron XRD foam, so you can expect a high level of protection that exceeds your needs.

On the palm, the CCM Ultra Tacks gloves will use a beige clarino nash reinforced palm. This will provide a professional feel along with solid durability.

The CCM Ultra Tacks gloves make their return to CCM’s product line-up in early 2015. Check out the image below of the Russia colored CCM Ultra Tacks gloves and drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts.

Thanks to our pal Lane Sim for the details on the CCM Ultra Tacks gloves.

CCM Ultra Tacks Gloves

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