NHL Three Stars – What are they using?


Ryan Johansen Columbus Blue Jackets

Ryan Johansen had quite a week for himself as the Columbus Blue Jackets center was selected MVP of the NHL All-Star Game in Columbus. He finished the game with 2 goals and 2 assists. Despite not having any points during regular season play, the All-Star appearances during the game and skills competition earned him the #1 nod.

When it comes to gear, Johansen is a Bauer guy. Up top he’s wearing a Bauer Re-Akt helmet. On his hands, Johansen is wearing the Bauer Neuxus 1000 4 roll gloves, while he does his sniping with the brand new Bauer Vapor 1X stick. Johansen flies around the ice on his APX2 skates, but we have to wonder if he’ll end up in the 1X skates before too long.



Erik Karlsson Ottawa Senators

Erik Karlsson earned second star honors by picking up three goals and points in a couple games last week. He now has 11 goals on the season and is 6th among defenseman in scoring with 33 points in 46 games.

Starting up top, Karlsson likes to wear a V08 helmet from CCM. His gloves and pants come from Warrior. Specifically he’s rocking the Warrior Covert DT1 gloves. He also uses a Warrior stick, the Warrior Dynasty AX1. Karlsson’s skates are a bit more unique. He wears what is essentially a blacked out pair of X60 skate from Bauer. They may have Nexus branding, but you can see the X-Rib technology and tech mesh material used in his skates, very similar to the old X60’s.



Zach Parise Minnesota Wild

Zach Parise earned the third star nod by also tallying 3 goals and 3 points last week, including two clutch goals against the Detroit Red Wings.

Parise is primarily an Easton guy, with one large exception. Starting up top, you’ll find him in an Easton helmet. He also wears Easton pants, and the Easton Pro 4 Roll gloves. He’s been sniping goalies with the Easton Synergy HTX stick, but has also been using Easton’s upcoming Stealth CX stick as well. Unfortunately for Easton, they haven’t been able to get Parise to commit to their Mako II skates. Instead, Zach Parise wears the new CCM Tacks skates.


  1. Karlsson’s skates look more like the Nexus 7000. 7000’s have that tech mesh material on the boot and a pattern on them that resembles the X-rib from the X60’s. There is also the “Nexus” name in blue on the outside of his skates below the tendon guard in pictures from earlier this season.

    • You would think a blog named “hockey world” would get this equipment thing right. Karlsson definitely wearing Nexus on his feet..

      • Actually, you’re wrong. Hockey World has their info correct. Know why? Karlsson had those exact skates re-moulded and I work within the Senators Organization. I tied the Skates onto his feet. I’m a skate specialist and a big fan of custom skates. Long story short they are blacked out APX skates. They share the same technology as the original X60’s from 2009. They have the Nexus appearance, but do have the Vapor Tapering in the heel. If you know your hockey, Nexus is for a wide wide foot. Vapor is for a narrow heel. Why do you think he’s worn APX and APX2 his whole career? Anyways, the Nexus 7000 skates do not have the rib feature, they have a matte coat with that tech mesh checker design. You’re both wrong. I have held those skates in my hands before. They do indeed look like Nexus Skates. But if you know Professional NHL players, 90% of their skates are fully custom. Even OHL players use custom skates. We do most of the Ottawa 67’s skates at our shop.

  2. We should be thankful Bauer has acquired Easton so we could get their lower quality skates off the market. Don’t know if they will continue with Easton’s Mako line however, only time will tell. Bauer has integrated some of Easton’s technologies into their newer higher end skates in the Vapor and Supreme lines though which I feel is a good thing.I loved their S-17 and S-19 composite skates,super light and responsive. Their newest Vapor 1X shoulder pads are also and evolution from Easton’s CX and Stealth lines using carbon fibre and aerolite foams for elite protection. I hope players still want to use the Easton label,always liked a lot of the innovations they brought to the market.I guess it’s only CCM and Warrior to keep Bauer on the ball now for newer lighter innovative technologies. Need to keep some competition there to improve the product.

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