Bauer Vapor X900 Skates

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This Spring, Bauer will be introducing a whole new line of skates. We’ve already taken a look at the premier level 1X skates, but falling just beneath that will be the all new Bauer Vapor X900 skates.

The Bauer Vapor X900 skates will feature a 3D lasted Curv composite quarter package with X-rib pattern. The Curv compsite quarter  will make for a stiff and durable boot. The boot will be thermoformable, of course, and allow you to achieve a more customized fit.

The inside lining on the X900 skates will be made up of Bauer’s Hydra Max mesh liner, great for wicking away sweat and keeping your feet dry. You will also find lightweight form fit ankle pads inside to provide a bit of extra padding and comfort around your ankle. Your feet will receive some additional support as well through an anatomical heel/ankle support.

Bauer’s Vapor X900 skates will feature a Form Fit+ 48oz/40oz felt tongue. This will offer a lot of comfort, with additional protection as well. It will be made with a molded poly metatarsal guard for increased lace bite protection.

Beneath your foot you will find a Form Fit+ footbed on the Bauer Vapor X900 skates. The footbed comes complete with grip and moisture management properties.

The lower portion of the Bauer Vapor X900 skates will feature a full lightweight composite outsole. The composite outsole provides exceptional energy transfer with each and every stride. Bauer has included a TUUK Lightspeed Edge holder on the X900 skates, as well as TUUK LS3 stainless steel runners.

The Bauer Vapor X900 skates will be available this Spring from hockey retailers everywhere, and will come in senior, junior and youth sizes. They will also be available in D and EE widths for all sizes. You can expect the Bauer Vapor X900 skates to retail for around $729.

Check out the upcoming Bauer Vapor X900 skates below and drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts. Do you like the look of the X900 skates? Will you pick up a pair when they are available?

Bauer Vapor X900 Skates


  1. I currently own ’13 Vapor x7s and I really like them. However, I do think I may be been over zealous when I had them fitted and could go down a half size now that they are broken in. Im going to bake and compress them again cuz I really don’t want to buy a new skate yet. (In not that good of a player to be super critical!) I will be interested to see how the vapor line turns out this spring. I don’t mind the styling of the X900 pictured above at all, I think the vapor pattern fits my heel and arch really well with a superfeet yellow insole. If I do need to get a shorter boot after more time in my 7s I will probably upgrade to this or another Vapor boot just below it if they are more comfortable. They really need to think about that insole more, the stick ones are poor quality. But they make a perfect template for cutting down aftermarket insoles to fit!

    • Not much they can do in regards to insoles, everyone’s foot shape are different so they have to be generic to fit a broad range of people. Only brand I’ve seen was ccm with the rbz offer insoles with different arch heights.

    • You mean X7.0 skates.
      Those are better looking in LE fashion.
      The red ones and the APX1 skates look dated, backwards, and rotted fresh out of the box. Sorry for the opinion. No hard feelings…..

      X60 showed a cool statement. Either an Arrow to say these are the best skates! Look at em!! Or When you skate fast away from the opposition, it’s sort of like chase me, your facing the middle finger, just kidding… Pure statement though X60 looks awesome, I don’t know how to put it. Merely the best skate ever……. If I was the richest, I’d buy like 20 of those skates and break em in and use it until I’m gone. That’s how good those skates are….. And maintain 170-180LB and I’m zoomin!!! Seriously those skates outdoors keep your feet in comfort, warm for hours, indoors just FAST.

  2. The world’s best looking:

    Toe cap-Bauer X60 2009 model
    Skate all together, back front = Bauer X60 2009 model.

    X60 2009 is merely the best looking skate. Not the lightest but best in terms of looks and best in performance as well. Look at Phil Kessel when he wore them. He was incredible. Look at him now….. Eeeeek

  3. If in 2017 they come out with the exact same materials they have on the 1X skate but with the 2017 features to make it lighter. Use the LS4 blade. Make it look exactly look alike Bauer X:60 2009 model. I’ll buy three of them.

    Tendon guard on the Bauer X:60 fire smoke look is still unreal to me. I always fly in those skates.

    I honestly have MX3, CCM RBZ, Easton Mako, and Bauer APX 1, and 2. I wear Bauer X60 skates all the time and I fly in them. They’re the heaviest out of all of them but the blade connected to the blade performs insane. It’s like the cheapest blade also—LS2. I prefer it over the LS Fusion because it’s tough to get perfect variables out on them. LS2 from start to stop to flying, turning and cutting the ice.

    X60 2009 please come back. Those looks are incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!! So is the roller blade interior red. SEXY!!! The rubber top is also SEXY! Just insert the side/abrasion baby foam pads on them and BAM! Add composite metal insides, make the blade as high is the X60, make the aggressive stance a slight more forward. You’ve got the world’s best skate and the best lookin skate.

    Question: APX 1, 2, 1X Toe cap looks silly. Why they keep it for so long?

    Either keep X40, X60 toe cap trend or use the Supreme line toe cap.

    The toe caps now are just ugly and DO NOT look classy.

    • Fire Smoke is from an add for x60 Bauer Skate, just to confirm.

      Phil Kessel is struggling with the Team. He won’t make 80 point mark. Want to bet?

      They tried to make 1X skate as flashy as X60 with the silver tendon. But the Y on the back looks horrific. Should have kept X60 Tendon Straight arrow Flashy look with the cool bug screen/fence wick away moister material. If it sells, keep it…… They really went backwards in looks. Too far ahead in weight they’ve kinda lost the perfect momentum you get from skates that need weight to gain speed.

      Finally, I like the normal eyelet system. It’s better than the one piece lacing system because Chara’s slap shot will rip it into pieces. Eyelet system conforms to your feet better, you set the grip on areas you want to, and lace tighter wherever you want, and it’s easier and cheaper to repair a damaged eyelet.


      • The only (Y) pun I can think of is why the hell they make a Y Bauer skate.

        X60 wins. All pro players who wore it Kane, Kessell scored massive points when they used the skates.

        They hollowed out the skate so bad now, not only do cotton balls stick into the interior, it doesn’t feel properly conformed to your feet, they raped out the looks on the heritage skates that are suppose to be similar to X60 2009 skates and raped out the rubber portion on the interior. I’ve used X60 long and not a cotton ball on the skate. Used MX3 once and the skate has so many cotton balls and it’s sitting in the basement.

  4. Forgot to talk about the tongue. X60’s tongue is PERFECT. Perfectly thin and not too thick. It also comes with a permanent stiff insert so you don’t have to waste time tweaking it like TotalONE, NXG, MX3 etc…

    Outsole conforms well to your feet. You can actually see the shape of your feet when you heat mold it. It lasts quite some time too. You can stop skating in it for months and come back to it, and it will still retain the form.

    Insole is incredible and they discontinued it after x60 and I don’t know why as well? Why? Because people started skating well? I dunno……
    The heal of the insole has a little bump so you’re leaning a little more forward and you have a better angle of attack on the X60. Come back once again.

    Make the x60 but ADD comfort pads on the sides/abrasion pads. Make it composite, include all the features you have on the 1X, you have a PERFECT SKATE….. Or look like X60 LE. You won’t lose BAUER. I’ll buy three if you DO come out with that it 2017. Add all new technology, keep the X60 classy look. Don’t go backwards……….

    Favorite looking and performable skates in order without a blister or a problem, and this includes outdoor and indoor ice hockey:

    Bauer X60
    Bauer XXX
    Bauer 7.0LE
    Bauer APX2
    Bauer MX3
    Bauer APX 1
    Bauer XX


  5. Final thought. Please don’t be offended Bauer. I’m listing positive and negative aspects of your skates. It’s been studied for many years. Just work the make the skates look more SEXY!!!!!! Increase the degrees of tendon guard to tilt the player more forward and you’ve got a perfect skate.

    Bauer Vapor XXXX – Tendon Guard looks like some sort of ugly RED Boat anchor of some sort.

    Bauer Vapor XX-BLUE LOOKED COOL AT THE TIME. I got mine custom off a guy named Potter. Can’t say first name but those look great.

    Bauer Vapor XXX-LOOKED COOL with just the silver. The whole boot was cool and I remember flying in those skates all the time. Just durable problem.

    Bauer 1X-Y looks horrific.

    Bauer X60-PROFESSIONAL, COOL, NHL Style, JUST NICE.. LONG LASTING. AWESOME! Performed best outdoors, indoors still performed nicely.

    Bauer Keep all your materials so that if someone wanted a bit of some features from different skates, you could do it and custom make it for them. Instead of my demanding a skate that may never get to you to decide whether or not to come out in 2017.

    • Finally Finally Best interior in a skate:

      Bauer X60 2009- The rubber material in the inner quarter top and the roller blade mesh red material never sticks to any socks and never collects any cotton balls. You can use any sock. I tried no sock but don’t go that route because even if you’re flying, it’ll stink a lot if you go that way.

      Poor interior-MX3 Skates. I don’t know. Those skates cost the most and I expected the most out of them. But they seem to collect a lot of cotton balls. Even buying socks from Just hockey cotton sticks on it… I’d like to think is it because I wash them a lot? But they don’t stick to my X60 skates……

      WINNER X60 skates. BAUER XXX Hydrophobic liner is sweet as well. Never sticks to my socks. APX2 has similar interior to MX3 but MX3 collects more cotton balls.

      BAUER X60 2009 come back.

  6. If a person who has ugly feet like me still wears X60 made 2009 in 2015 they must have perfected something on the skate.

    seriously revive the skate and make it better….. Toronto might not be doing so bad. SKATES MATTER

  7. I REALLY REALLY PRAY that these notes will get to Bauer and make 2017 Vapor Line the sexiest with the best materials of them all. If you use tech mesh, bring back the rubber portion you did on the X60 2009 skates; I’m talking about the interior with the red sexy look and then the rubber look on the top quarter. Add comfort pads and make the exterior conformable as well. Add the fence back and the same look tendon look. Make it look connected to the skate instead of just a Y and it doesn’t look like it’s connected to the skate. It’ll wick perfectly and it’ll last for at least 6 years like X60 2009, probably 15 years, maybe even when I’m gone. I feel the perfection coming, I know you’re capable. Bring back a Blue look with silver like the XX. I feel it. I just don’t see it in the market for hackers who want to make it. Give everyone the opportunity, give everyone the same type of love. The prices you have for a better skate and technology and the better skate doesn’t match yet. But You can do it!!!

    I’ll be sure to buy a few 2017 if you make it in all sizes, all widths.

  8. BLUE, LOTS OF SILVER, Little Black so we don’t create a Bauer One95. More silver on the composite, and a new toe cap shape and COLOUR, I’ll LET YOU DECIDE ON MATERIALS. WE’VE COME TO THE FUTURE OF HOCKEY AND FASHION, AND PERFECTION>


  9. Hydra-Max Liner in X60 2009 is the proper term with the rubber quarter top far better than cotton sticking MX3 HydraMax 2 Liner.

    I dunno… I don’t have one cotton ball on X60 skates… It also has good cushion to get by winter in all types of ice.

    You’ve improved on backing up the 3mm height on the blade with LS4. It should be higher now without skimping on the blade with the Fusion and LS2. Those appeared to be smaller.

  10. 1X Limited Edition Skates might be the skates. I might not have to wait 2017. Can’t make out on the Tendon Guard if it’s all Blacked out or not but the side looks like an up grade of X60 LE. I that cool black look. I’m definitely getting a few pairs! Look original for years to come. I’ll be Dark Vader pro.

    In 2017, come out with lots of Blue and Black outside, and some silver Like Bauer XX. Bring back that sexy look and you’ve got lots of sales!

  11. Please forgive me for offending Bauer.
    I love your skates and I skated at least over 50 pairs in them.

    Just the Y part on the 1X,X900,X800 etc.. series. the Y looks really thin on the Tendon still no matter how you look at it. It really doesn’t connect to the boot. Maybe it’ll take time to get use to, I dunno.

    X60 2009 from the beginning looked really good from back.

    If 1X LE Skate is all blacked on the back including the Y on the Tendon, it wouldn’t be so bad. If the Y figure is fire red mixed with black and silver, that would be cool too.


    1X LE Blue replaced the Red, that would be incredible stuff.

    I know you’re trying so that’s awesome…

    And I skate in them so it proves you’ve done something.

    Way better than Graf, RBK, CCM, Tour, and all other brands, Bauer improves and the other skates are stagnant. They skimp off of Bauer every few years example comfort abrasion pads-CCM. Bauer’s the best.

  12. Finally make your NEXUS line sexier looking then the other skates;
    Just because you have wide feet like me, like the old duck doesn’t mean we have to look like one on the ice.

    NEXUS has a really classy name. But the 1000 series, 8000 series just didn’t make it for me. Next 2016 Nexus better look a bit futuristic and not something from the attic.

  13. Also, make all your top end Nexus skate abrasion padded on all sizes. You did it on APX2, you did it on MX3. You missed it on NXG, you missed it on Nexus 8000. What kind of game are you playing. You also skipped one year on the Fusions and didn’t let Jr. Size skaters try out new technology—not that Fusion was that special. Just cause we’re short, we should still have equal opportunity testing and playing with fun new technology..

    You’ve got Brian Gionta, Nathan Gerbe, Martin St. Louis short players who wear junior and can’t afford customs, but shouldn’t pay senior price because they’re still smaller with shorter reach.

    Treat the short power skaters equal.

  14. i recently bought the x900 skates and they very first thing i noticed when i stepped on the ice was the blade was square. it felt like i was skating on goalie skates. idk if every skate comes with this and it just gets rounded over time as it gets sharpened. ive had people that i need to get the ends rounded but ive never heard of doing this to a hockey skate. please comment, need help

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