CCM RBZ Superfast Hockey Stick Review

The CCM Superfast hockey stick is the third generation of the wildly popular series of RBZ sticks powered by TaylorMade—a brand most notable associated with golf equipment design and creation.

At Hockey World Blog, we’ve had the pleasure of testing and reviewing each generation of the RBZ sticks. Check out our thoughts on the Superfast below!

Design and Construction

As the premier model of the RBZ line, the CCM Superfast features a true one-piece stick design with strategically lowered stick weight. The shaft utilizes CCM’s premier carbon fiber that has excellent responsiveness and flex consistency, and the speed-pocket-bladestick has strategically fine tuned weight distribution to provide the fastest and quickest swing at the puck while maintaining an excellent balanced feel in the hands.

Unique to CCM RBZ Sticks is the constant flex profile that provides players with a custom and changing kick point. Depending on where the lower hand is located during the shooting process, the RBZ Superfast flexes near that lower hand. Therefore, on big slap shots and one-timers, it flexes low towards the blade for maximum shot velocity. On quick wrist and snap shots, it flexes higher for a lightning quick shot release.

The stick also features TaylorMade SpeedPocket Blade Technology that generates more Coefficient of Restitution (COR) than any other stick on the market—and offers 50 percent more COR than the second generation RBZ Stage 2 model, resulting in the fastest shot from a CCM stick to date.

Shooting and Accuracy

Similar to previous generations of the RBZ hockey stick line, this is exactly where the RBZ Superfast hockey stick excels. Hands down, this stick is the king of ‘pop.’ Not only was I amazed at the power and velocity generated by this stick, but my teammates constantly remarked at my improved shooting abilities with this stick. I even got to witness this first-hand when I lent it out to my teammates to try, and every one of them instantly improved in terms of speed and power.

This isn’t limited to slapshots and one-timers, either. There is a noticeable improvement on wristshot power—and it comes with such ease. Even off balance shots where I can’t get my full weight into it come off quicker and smoother.

Accuracy with the RBZ Superfast is pretty good. Even with a 100 flex shaft, I never had issues with the stick buckling or twisting in my hands. I was able to generate smooth shots and put them where I wanted them for the most part. This was true more so on slapshots than wrist shots, where I think a bigger curve than I’m used to resulting in some difficulty hitting my targets consistently as I tended to usually go a little left of where I was aiming.


I felt like the feel of the RBZ Stage 2 hockey stick was much better than the original RBZ hockey stick. With the Superfast, however, I didn’t notice as much of an upgrade in this category.

Feel for the puck is good—not great. I never really had any issues handling the puck, and I think most players of any caliber will be satisfied with how the Superfast performs in this area. Having had the opportunity to use many other high-end sticks, there are others in this price range that will excel better at puck feel, but they aren’t nearly as good when it comes to improved shot power and velocity. In terms of the total package, most players will be happy with how the Superfast performs when they are carrying the puck, passing and shooting.


For most players buying a new stick, they want to know it will last. I’ve had incredible success with the RBZ line of sticks, and the Superfast is no different. Between general game usage and some physicality in terms of hacks and slashes to the slash zone, the Superfast has held up incredibly well.

The slash zone presents minimal signs of wear and tear, despite plenty of game usage, and the blade is in near perfect condition. Where many of the modern one-piece sticks tend to crack and chip on the bottom near the heel, I haven’t noticed any chipping or cracking anywhere on the Superfast blade.

Overall Impressions

The CCM RBZ Superfast is designed to increase shot power and velocity—and this is definitely where it excels. Regardless of your playing level, this stick will help you improve in these key areas. It won’t do much to enhance your stick handling, but players can be sure that they will get plenty of use out of the stick thanks to its workhorse durability.

Interested in purchasing the CCM RBZ Superfast? Head over to Ice and Inline Warehouse where you can grab one today for only $259.99!

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  1. Great review! My only complaint is in the durability. I’ve went through 3 of these already this season and I generally don’t break sticks. One was replaced simply because the toe of the blade chipped every time I would take the tape off. Slowly bigger and bigger chunks came out and the blade went soft (CCM fortunately replaced mine under warranty). As for the other two they didn’t last much longer than 2-3 weeks from shots and hacks (and I only play 3-4 times a week max). I’ve had several friends have the same story in terms of durability being TERRIBLE. Unless you guys received a beast of a Superfast, many consumer reviews suggest otherwise in terms of durability. But everything else outlined in this review is accurate.

    • Thanks for the comment! I’m sorry to hear about your experiences with durability. That’s not an issue I had at all with the Superfast, or even with previous generation RBZ sticks. I’ve actually found them to be quite durable, so I’m surprised to hear otherwise from you. Hopefully that’s an issue they fix in future models because it’s a solid stick!

    • I’ve had the same issue with the chipping toe. I love the stick and my shot has improved so much since starting to use it. I’m afraid that the stick will break and I’ll have to spend close to 300$ to buy a new one. They should really add the frame to the blade that they have put into the Tacks line. It will really have a huge effect on the durability. The paint also chips a lot but that’s nothing that hasn’t happened to me before. It looks to me that I might be buying a Ribcor soon.

  2. I have this stick, it’s great for what it is marketed for( shot velocity) I find the balde very responsive when stick handling and shooting, I’m a big fan of the custom flex profile, the only problem I have is major balde chipping especially around the toe, if CCM makes another RBZ stick I think they should add a carbon fibre insert to the inside of the blade on the top bottom and toe for extra durablity

    • That’s probably not a bad idea of toe chipping is a common problem for the Superfast. But I agree, it’s a stick marketed to increase shot velocity, and it definitely meets expectations.

  3. I’ got a 65 flex which is what I usually get and it seems like it flexes much less than other sticks. Has anyone else experienced this?

    • I have a Rbz 260, its a cheaper version of the superfast. But i found them to be “whippier” and bend more. I purchased an 85 flex and it felt more like a 75.

  4. Question: i bought a used Pro-stock Superfast stick, and noticed after i bought it that just under the Superfast logo on the shaft, it says “*Team”.
    Does anyone know what that means? Could it be a pro-stock stick from a minor hockey team?

    • Doesn’t have to. Usually team will be an NCAA or euro team. Could be any level really. It could also be an under top of the line stick, or not. To answer your quewtion, it’s could be from major junior, ushl, ncaa to sphl or euro hockey.

  5. This is a great stick for power shots….until it falls apart after a week or two….the toe chips badly and the red coating comes off in chunks under the tape!!! Great performance when it is new but absolute shit quality.3rd red ccm stick in a row to do this….there won’t be a 4th….Bauer come take my money!

  6. This stick is the worst stick I ever purchased. I bought the first one for my daughter and the blade split in half at the toe within a couple of days. I lost the receipt so I could not return it. My own fault there, so I decided to give it a second chance and the exact same thing happened and this time I have the receipt, only thing is that the warranty does not cover blades. 2 X sticks at $300 each, total playing time…3 weeks…
    Absolutely unacceptable for a stick of this price to fall apart so easily. Stay away from this stick at ALL Costs.

    • I totally agree, I bought one of these a week ago and I’ve used it in one game and two practices and the blade totally fell apart. Player on my team have bought this stick and between 7 of them none of them lasted more then a month

  7. Ditto all the negative comments here! My son owned the RBZ for 46 days and the toe of the blade started to delaminate,after less than 30 days of use on the ice. Called CCM,they asked for info and photos and then responded same day, “sorry warranty expired”. $200 stick that lasted less than 30 days…here’s my money Bauer!

  8. They need to go back to their R&D team to find out why the toe of the blade falls apart…not worth $300 or even $50…stay away until the issue is resolved…my son used his stick for just over 30 days when he told be about the toe…warranty expired..not good…

  9. Encountered the similar toe chipping but luckily I purchased my sons $290 Christmas stick on sale for $129. Still dissatisfied at any price given it crumbled just after the 30 day warranty period. CCM Tacks that he’s used all season is still going strong. I’ll stick with Bauer as they seem to be more durable.

  10. Absolute garbage. I will never buy a CCM stick again. My son is an 11 year old PeeWee. Stick started falling apart as soon as it hit the puck on day 1. I swear every time you hit the puck chips and divots. After 2 months the tip was soft and falling apart. The resin disappeared and the foam is hanging out. He tapes the tip always. I’ve never been so disappointed in a product as I am with this stick.

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