CCM Ultra Tacks Hockey Stick

The CCM Ultra Tacks Stick is now available for pre-order!

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It was only a year ago that we were first posting about the return of the CCM Tacks stick. But now here we are already seeing a refresh to one of CCM’s best products.

The brand new CCM Ultra Tacks stick has already made its way in to the hands of NHL players. For example, David Perron of the Pittsburgh Penguins scored a goal with it on Wednesday night.

CCM’s new Ultra Tacks stick has some great features, so let’s roll through what you can expect out of this new stick.

The new CCM Ultra Tacks stick will be constructed with a reinforced shaft utilizing bumper technology. This reinforcement on the corners of the shaft allows for tremendous durability as well as consistency. The grip shaft will feature strategically placed texture in order to improve control and feel.  The shaft also uses a T geometry which is preferred by NHL players for control and accuracy.

Down into the blade, the CCM Ultra Tacks stick uses the Ultra Attackframe. This is a super lightweight blade which creates a more accurate shot through high torsional and bending stiffness. It is the lightest blade CCM has ever made, but will still provide those high levels of stiffness in order to deliver improved accuracy. In addition to being incredibly light, the blade is also very well balanced.

The CCM Ultra Tacks stick will utilize a mid kick point as well, which is no change from the previous version. This kick point will provide awesome pop on your shots, and allow for easy control on passes. The CCM Ultra Tacks stick will also come in with a weight right around 425 grams for the senior stick.

There will be plenty of options available when the CCM Ultra Tacks stick is released. It will come in senior sizes with flexes including 105, 95, 85 and 75. There will also be intermediate, junior and youth sizes and flexes available. Patterns available for the CCM Ultra Tacks stick include Galchenyuk, Crosby, Hossa, Tavares, and Bergeron.

The CCM Ultra Tacks stick will be available for pre-order beginning on May 26th, 2015. The stick will officially launch on June 26th.

Check out the photos of the CCM Ultra Tacks stick below and let us know your thoughts in the comments! The CCM Tacks stick from last year was one of our favorites from 2014, do you think they have improved the product? Do you plan on getting one when they are released?

CCM Ultra Tacks Stick


CCM Ultra Tacks Stick


CCM Ultra Tacks Stick


  1. I’m a defensemen And I usually take hard wrist shots but every once in awhile I like to take a clapper. I like hard and accurate shots, I’ve narrowed it down to the HD1, Speedburner and the ultra tacks. Do you have any thoughts?

  2. Why is there no comparable curve to bauer’s stamkos? Every other brand has one. Guess I won’t be buying a CCM

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