Warrior Pro Stat Sheet

Erik Karlsson put up some big numbers last week to become the Warrior Star of the Week. Karlsson tallied one goal and six assists with his yet to be released Dynasty HD1 stick in the past four games to earn the Warrior Star honors.

Team Warrior numbers were way up over the previous update. Warrior players picked up 65 goals, more than double from last week. They also added 139 assists for a combined 204 points.

The season totals now have Warrior Pro players with 755 goals, 1,327 assists, and 2,082 points.

February 23rd Warrior Stat Sheet

The total number of players wearing Warrior gear dropped down to 196 for this week’s update. This includes 174 players and 22 goalies.

Warrior’s Dynasty stick line remains the most popular with 60 players using it. The Covert line now has 53 players, however. The Dynasty gloves also remain the most popular. They are being worn by 98 players.

Check back next week for the latest Warrior Pro Stat Sheet!

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