Datsyuk Dazzles with New Shooting Target

Last week a video surfaced online from Bardown Enterprises showing Red Wings star Pavel Datsyuk stick handling and shooting on a net with a strange contraption in front of it. Curious to know what that contraption is, some digging led to the discovery of the Bar Down Shooter Tutor Pro. Retailing for $395, teams from all levels of hockey across the country are buying it up. According to an article on SportsNet, the first run of 100 have sold out, and the manufacturers are searching for a distribution partner to produce more.

What appears to separate this from other run of the mill shooting targets, this completely covers the bottom 12-to-14 inches, to simulate a goalie in the butterfly position. It’s made from 9 gauge upper frame and 7 gauge ice rail and comes standard with 4mm nominal black netting, the shooter tutor pro is pretty heavy at 40 lbs. But from the watching Datsyuk shoot with it, it appears that the benefits make the investment worthwhile. It’s great for pickup games without a goalie, or for young players who struggle shooting the puck at the top half of the net.

Even NHL teams are using it for practices to give their goaltenders a break. One undisclosed team uses the shooter tutor pro, while the Blues use a similar looking product that was fabricated to include space for a goalie stick and glove.

Bar Down’s version eliminates all low shots, as a butterfly goalie would, and by using mesh for the goalie’s “body” outlined by dark black piping, teaches the shooter to aim past the goalie as opposed to picking a corner.- SportsNet

If you want to drop an additional $250, you can get the Pavel Datsyuk Signature Series Reaction Board. The yellow board seen in the video below is perfect for realistic reactions and puck bounces. For offense, it’s great for passing, rebounding, and stick handling around. On defense, it’s great for controlling rebounds and blocking passes.


  1. HI, I’m wondering what the process is like for packing it down and transporting in a vehicle. Do they retract to a point that they are easy enough to carry and how long to reasemble? I am running a skills businesses so I need to go from arena to arena with 2 of them.

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