STX Stallion 500 Gloves Review

It wasn’t long ago that STX began producing hockey equipment. They eagerly jumped into the market by launching two tremendous sticks. Almost a year later, they followed that up with the launch of their first two lines of protective hockey equipment. Part of those new lines are, of course, new gloves. Our friends at STX sent us both the Surgeon 500 and Stallion 500 gloves for review. I had the pleasure of working with the STX Stallion 500 gloves for a couple of months, and put together the following review based on that usage.

Specs: STX Stallion 500 gloves, Black/White, Size 14″

Modifications: None

Appearance and Design:

Our review unit STX Stallion 500 gloves came in black and white. The glove is primarily black with white accents and white STX stitched logos. The embroidered STX logo on the cuff is large, definitely bigger than what comes on most gloves. I have to say I liked it though, its solid branding and I love the raised 3D embroidered look with the STX really being shown off. The Stallion 500 gloves also come in black/red, navy/white, red/white, and navy/red color schemes. Sizes available range from 11″ to 15″.

The STX Stallion 500 gloves are designed with what STX is calling a power fit. This is a mixture of traditional and tapered fit profiles, which we’ll touch on more later in the review.

The glove design also features an M2 knuckle. This feature involves open stitching in the knuckle break. The result will be an increase in range of motion and improved finger dexterity. In the thumb, however, you’ll find a Cable-Flex Thumb which is a fully articulating and hyper-lock thumb. This feature will allow you to have unparalleled control while using these gloves.

Giving a closer look to the spec, you’ll find that the STX Stallion 500 gloves use three piece index, middle and ring fingers while the pinky is a two piece. Dual density foams with PE Board inserts are used for protection. STX has chosen a clarino 8080 palm to be used on this glove, offering a pro feel. Their liner is a Dri-Lex moisture wicking and comfort liner. Additionally, STX has used stretch mesh gussets as well.

Fit and Feel: 

In regards to the fit of the glove, STX calls it their Power Fit. With this Power Fit you’re going to get tapered fingers in order to provide a more dynamic and tactile response. There gloves will also provide a looser fit along the back of the hand for improved mobility.

When you put on the gloves for the first time, they fit pretty true to the description provided by STX. There is a fair amount of volume throughout the hand, but not as much as you would get on a four roll type glove. The Stallion 500 gloves are comfortable to wear, but required a couple games for me to have them broken in to my liking. The clarino palm is soft and offers a great feel on the stick while playing.

My biggest complaint regarding the fit comes from the liner. While it was quite comfortable, the liner on the back of my hand in each glove was too large. In fact, the liner was so long in the glove that it actually covered a bit of the thumb hole inside the glove. This caused quite a bit of frustration during games when I would pull my gloves off on the bench, and then could not get them back on comfortably in a quick amount of time. I would have to wiggle my hands around or pull my hand out completely and put it back in multiple times in order to find that right position.

Durability and Protection: 

The STX Stallion 500 gloves have really impressed me so far in terms of both protection and durability.

When it comes to protection, these gloves really took care of business for me. I have done everything from taking slashes to the backhand of the glove, to even knocking down passes with the backhand. Through everything I’ve put these gloves through, my fingers and hands have remained thoroughly protected. While I think that with the advancements of certain foams like Poron XRD or D3O, you might receive better protection elsewhere, but the foams within the Stallion 500 gloves still do an outstanding job.

If durability is a cause for concern with gloves, you’ll be pleased to know that the Stallion 500 gloves have seemed to excel in this area as well. So far, I have not noticed any tearing or real harsh damage to the palms of the glove. The exterior portions all look to be in great shape as well, and there has been no premature breakdown anywhere in the glove that I have noticed. I’ve been quite impressed with the results thus far, and happy with the way the Stallion gloves hold up to the rigors of beer league play.

Overall Impression: 

While STX may be new to making hockey equipment, they come from a familiar place with lacrosse gear. Considering they’ve been pretty successful there, it really should come as no surprise that their entry into the hockey protective market with the Stallion 500 gloves has been pretty successful as well.

STX did an excellent job with their premier level Stallion gloves on everything from design, to fit, to protection. They are a solid pair of gloves, and will look great on your hands when flying around the rink as well. I wouldn’t hesitate in picking up a pair of these for myself if I were in the market for new gloves. The are definitely competitive with all the other brands and offerings right now in terms of features and design.

If you’re looking to snag a pair, the biggest hurdle you’ll have to climb seems to be the $159.99 price tag, which does seem to be a bit high. After that though, these gloves are a solid choice.

The STX gloves are now available from select retailers online and in store. For a list of STX dealers, click here.

If you have used the STX Stallion 500 gloves, be sure to leave us a comment below and let us know what you think of them! Are you happy with the Stallion 500 gloves, or do you wish you would have gotten something else instead? Let us know!

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