Interview With Bauer Hockey: Reactor 9000 Goalie Gear

Not only does Bauer have a bunch of new player gear coming out this Spring, but they are also refreshing their goalie lineup as well. We recently caught up with Spencer Freer, Global Brand Manager for goaltender equipment at Bauer Hockey and asked him some questions about the new line. Check out what he had to say:

Hockey World Blog: What’s new in the Bauer Reactor 9000 goal pads? How about the Reactor 9000 blocker and catch glove? And the Reactor 9000 chest protector? And the Reactor 9000 pants?

Spencer Freer @ Bauer: The new Reactor 9000 pads are designed for the Dynamic goaltender that relies on its reactions and hard pushes to every puck. The Reactor 9000 is made in Canada at our JRZ factory in Quebec, QC. It features an all new leg channel and knee that features AX Quattro that increases durability and ease of break in. Also compared to the Reactor 6000 we squared off the outer roll which was a big ask for goalies last year. We also brought back the Pro Core insert to help with longevity to fight breakdown. The 9000 also features an all new integrated knee which really sets it apart from other pads as it’s not just a small lace in knee pad that goalies usually lace out we put in a the full knee pad we had been offering separate from the Reactor 6000. The Reactor 9000 comes in Sr and Intermediate.

HWB: And the all new Bauer Reactor 9000 catch glove?

Bauer: The new Reactor 9000 catch glove is an all new design which we feels is one of the best gloves Bauer has released. We took a lot of feedback from Pros and consumers that we spoke with and are extremely excited about this Catcher. The 9000 catch glove features a 60 degree break and Poron Xrd in the palm for added protection and ease of closure. Similar to the pad the glove feature AX Quattro liner for added durability and supple feel.

HWB: How about the Bauer Reactor 9000 blocker?

Bauer: The New Reactor 9000 Blocker is similar blocker to the Reactor 6000 which was extremely popular for us, we added a few upgrades to it with the AX Quattro palm which helps with durability but more importantly great feel and ease of grip on the stick. We also increased the protection on the fingers.


HWB: What’s new with the Reactor 9000 chest protector?

Bauer: The Reactor 9000 chest and arm is new shape that was a more desired design that we really wanted to improve net coverage along with mobility. The 9000 Chest and Arm features 37.5 technology which is a game changer on its own with pulling the sweat off the body and out of the gear fast to allow for less energy used as the equipment doesn’t hold it in. also it features the ABS which is the adjustable belly system that allows for adjustability at the bottom to allow for maximum protection whether the goalie is tucking his chest and arm into his pants or leaving it on the outside.

HWB: Finally, what can we expect from the Reactor 9000 pants?

The Reactor 9000 pant has been completely revamped for a big barrel size fit that offers pro protection with increase mobility. We also have an interior belt to assure to maximize size of the pant. We really focused on mobility with the pant so we added a telescoping knee to suit the different variations of knee pads. The Pant also features 37.5 in the interior. Something new we also added is the Jenpro reinforcement in the areas where the pads make contact with the pants as the pads can wear through the pants, so adding the Jenpro it really increases durability

HWB: What feedback have you received from your pro players regarding this new line?

Bauer: The feedback from the pros has been extremely positive in regards to all of the line. As I mentioned about the glove we used a lot of pro feedback to construct this glove and it has been extremely well accepted. We have also had a lot of  junior, and NCAA guys really talk about the Pro Core in the pad as these guys are only getting one set a year so longevity and durability is extremely important to them so they aren’t losing a lot of size as they were in our competition.

HWB: What was your focus when designing the new line?

Bauer: The focus of this line was mobility for sure but also adding some new technologies into the line. These technologies such as Poron and 37.5 is what really set us apart from our competition so being able to have these in our products has been huge.

HWB: How does the Reactor line differ from the Supreme line of goalie gear?

Bauer: The Reactor line is a line of equipment  is different from supreme as it is more tradition featuring knee rolls, and external breaks in the outer roll with a bit of a tighter fit. The Supreme line is a little more for the butterfly goalie that is looking for more coverage in the net making them as big as possible.

HWB: What type of player should be using the Reactor 9000 series?

Bauer: We see a reactor goalie that is more aggressive goalie that relies on quickness and instinct outside of the crease to get to every puck

HWB: What features differentiate the Reactor 9000 from the 7000 and 5000? Why should a player move to a higher model or what characteristics should they look for in deciding which to pursue?

Bauer: The main differences between the 9000, 7000, and the 5000 are that the 9000 is made in Canada where the 7000 and 5000 are made off shore. And also the feature upgrades in the 9000 such as AX Quattro and Poron which aren’t in the 7000 and 5000. When a player is considering purchasing a higher model I would look at how many times a week and caliber they are playing as well as their existing equipment and see what the rate of break was. For instance if a goalie is wear a reactor 4000 and he is playing 5 times a week and they have had breakdown quickly they should look moving up in price point as they will see extreme benefits in durability but also not having to buy as often.

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  1. Hi, I was wondering how the knee pads attach to the pad. I currently have the Bauer Reactor knee pads as I got them on sale some months ago and I am getting a pro-return version of the 9000s and from the pics, it looks like the knee pads have been removed and I don’t think they will be included. Are the regular market knee pads exactly the same as the ones that come with the pads? If so, I can’t tell from the pics, how do you attach them to the pads?

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