Warrior Covert QR1 Gloves

This Spring, Warrior will be launching their latest gloves in the Covert line which will be called the Warrior Covert QR1 gloves. There are a few solid updates, and the gloves look to be another great release from Warrior.

Starting with the fit, the Warrior Covert QR1 gloves offer a slimmer fit around the hand. The gloves contour to the shape of your hand to improve mobility. They will also provide pre-curved fingers to help achieve a snappy and comfortable feel. Addtionally, the backhand of the Covert QR1 gloves will taper from the knuckles and flare at the wrist. These properties will also help maximize mobility.

Warrior gloves typically offer some of the best protection around, and the Covert QR1 gloves will be no different. These gloves will use Warrior’s Phantom lightweight protection setup with Bone System. The Bone System involves plastic inserts to offer outstanding impact protection, while the lightweight Phantom foam pods include a blend of EPP foams help to create an overall package that is incredibly lightweight, strong, and protective.

The Warrior Covert QR1 gloves have achieved excellent mobility with the help of the Axis Flex Thumb, as well as by using foam mesh gussets. The foam mesh gussets will help to improve finger dexterity while wearing the gloves. The Axis Flex Thumb includes protection which wraps around the thumb, as well as improved dexterity of the thumb.

On the palm, you’ll find Warrior’s micro nash Smartpalm+ which integrates with the rest of the glove to provide a better feel as well as improved durability in the areas you need it.

Finally, Warrior is offering their Wartech FnC liner on the Warrior Covert QR1 gloves. This liner is powered by Polygiene to help prevent odor causing bacteria from living it. This will help your gloves to last longer. Beyond that, the liner includes moisture wicking properties to help keep your hands cool and dry. In the end, the use of the Polygiene should help your gloves to last longer by preventing the bacteria and odor.

The Warrior Covert QR1 gloves will officially launch this Spring. Color choices will include black, black/red/white, navy/red/white, and navy blue. When they are available, you can pick them up from Inline and Ice Warehouse.com.

Check out the new Warrior Covert QR1 gloves below and drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts. Do you like the new Covert QR1 gloves? Will you pick up a pair when they are released?

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