Warrior Dynasty HD1 Elbow Pads

As part of their all new protective line, Warrior will be releasing the Dynasty HD1 Elbow Pads on April 17th.

Similar to the rest of their protective equipment, the Warrior Dynasty HD1 elbow pads have been designed with superior level protection in mind. In fact, the Dynasty HD1 elbow pads are pro level elbow pads made for superior fit, protection, and mobility.shoul

The Warrior Dynasty HD1 elbow pads include Smart Cap multi-impact protection technology in the elbow caps. This is a multi layered and flexible design approach which increases the contact area for impact and thus reduces the pressure and risk of an injury. The foam placement is more precise in order to help maximize protection and not increase bulk or weight of the pads. Additionally, the use of a unique foam gasket technology has helped Warrior to minimize the use of plastic on the Dynasty HD1 elbow pads, without having to compromise on durability. The Smart Cap in the elbow pads also includes 2-way protection which will protect your joints, as well as protecting opponents from injury.

Warrior’s new elbow pads will offer a sling wrap strap in order to secure your elbow into the engineered elbow pocket. They will also feature perforated and lightweight slash guards and bicep guards for additional protection.

Much like Warrior’s other protective products, the Warrior Dynasty HD1 elbow pads include the Wartech liner powered by Polygiene. This is going to help keep you cool and dry, but also really prevent any odor causing bacteria to build up. Even after plenty of use, these pads are going to smell fresh.

As I mentioned, the Warrior Dynasty HD1 elbow pads will be dropping in retail stores everywhere beginning on April 17th.

Check out the new Dynasty HD1 elbow pads below and let us know your thoughts!

Warrior Dynasty HD1 Elbow Pads Warrior Dynasty HD1 Elbow Pads

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