STX Launches Surgeon and Stallion Protective Lines

STX Surgeon 500 Shoulder Pads

STX continues their foray into the hockey world today as their protective lines hit retail store shelves. To compliment the two stick lines, STX has produced two distinct protective lines in the Surgeon and Stallion.

Their Surgeon protective line will offer a more sleek and precision fit in order to minimize bulk and any extra weight. The Stallion line, on the other hand, was designed more for the power player. This line features targeted zones of protection in order to provide increased coverage.

The two lines offer an appearance that might be familiar to those who use the sticks as the color schemes have remained consistent. On the Surgeon side, you’ll find white pads with gray and turquoise accents. On the Stallion side, however, you’ll get a blacked out setup with yellow accents.

One of the better and more unique features you’ll find on the new STX protective gear comes on the Stallion 500 shin guards. These shin guards actually feature a cut resistant sleeve that’s built right into the pad in order to provide additional protection from cuts. If you don’t want to wear cut resistant socks to protect yourself, the Stallion 500 shin guards might be a nice trade off.

Both Stallion and Surgeon protective lines are available now. To learn more about the gear, head over to the STX website. For information on where to purchase, visit the STX Dealer Locator.

Check out some of the new STX protective gear below and drop us a line in the comments with your thoughts!

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