Dollar Tape Club Offers Subscription Hockey Tape Service

Dollar Tape Club

Do you ever run out of tape at the worst times? Like right before a beer league championship game, and you’re the guy in the locker room asking around to see if anyone has tape? Maybe the pro shop wasn’t open, or you were too busy to get out to your local hockey shop to pick up a few rolls.

Dollar Tape Club is a hockey tape subscription startup that is looking to change the way you get tape. Instead of making your way to the pro shop to pick up a new roll or two, Dollar Tape Club will ship you the rolls you need each and every month based on your subscription.

There are four different subscriptions available from Dollar Tape Club, with each one shipping monthly. First, you can get started with “The Player” package which ships 3 rolls to you every month for $5.85. Need a little bit more? choose “The All-Star” package to get 6 rolls every month For $10.80. If that’s not enough, sign up for “The Captain” package which will deliver 10 rolls to your doorstep for $17.50. Finally, if you still need to go bigger, or are supplying for a larger group of players, you can go with “The Team” package which gets you a whopping 40 rolls of tape for $70 each month. You can also make a one time time purchase of a tape package if you don’t want a recurring monthly setup.

The guys at Dollar Tape Club, Adrian and Daniel Sosa, made it one of their goals to not only provide convenience to their customers, but also to provide a quality product at a cheaper price. Their tape comes from branded Canadian manufacturers, but they’re able to cut costs by eliminating the dealers and pro shop overhead that goes along with being one.

Each and every roll shipped from Dollar Tape Club comes in the standard 1in x 25yd length. When making your purchase, you can choose either black, white, or clear tape, and can also order in any combination in any box.

To learn more about Dollar Tape Club, or to sign up, head over to

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