Mammoth IPA Player Bag Review


It’s difficult to find a really tough and durable hockey bag out there. It seems most bags these days aren’t made to last. Sure they might get you through a couple of seasons, but how long will it really last before falling apart?

Mammoth Hockey Gear was born when founder Erik Olson wanted to change things up a bit by creating his own bag. Erik pitched his idea of a bag constructed using the best materials to a friend and industrial designer, and from there, the Mammoth IPA bag was born.

Erik and Lars were kind enough to ship us one of their Mammoth IPA player bags for a review. Below are my thoughts and observations from using the IPA player bag for the past few months.


  • 36″x18″x18″
  • 6 pounds


  • Made in Spokane, WA USA
  • Bombproof 18 ounce truck tarp exterior stands up to abuse
  • Silver pack cloth liner brightens up interior so you can easily locate rogue socks and pucks
  • Anodized gold alloy carrying handles and zipper pulls
  • All metal hardware
  • Large zippered top flap compartment to keep clean towel/clothing away from smelly equipment
  • Rigid piping on seams gives bag structure even when empty
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Side vents and oversize grommets for ventilation
  • Internal pocket for phone/wallet/keys has two zippers can be locked with small luggage lock (not included)
  • External top loading pockets for water bottles and shower supplies
  • External zipper pocket for stick tape and wax
  • Laser cut alloy bottle opener for post game brews

Design and Construction:Mammoth IPA Player Bag

The idea behind the Mammoth IPA bag is that it would be made specifically for beer league players, and would use high end materials for production. This is no understatement. Immediately after opening the packaging and looking at the bag, you can tell that it is more premium than most bags. The quality of materials, the craftsmanship, and the attention to detail are all prevalent.

In addition to your main gear compartment, Mammoth has done a nice job of adding complimenting compartments. They’ve added an area to keep clean clothes or a towel, another for cell phone or keys, and external compartments for tape, wax, water bottles or other supplies. They have all the basics covered very nicely.

The bag is also made in the USA, so you know the quality and construction are solid.


When it comes to performance, this bag really takes the cake. The Mammoth IPA has been a strong and tough bag, which can take the abuse that a beer league player might put it through.

I store my bag in my garage between games, and it has seen its fair share of rubbing and friction against the wall of my garage when I throw it back into place after games. While it has definitely left some white marks on an otherwise black bag, the marks wipe off easily and the bag looks no worse for wear.

As a beer league bag, especially one with a built in bottle opener, it only makes sense that beer might get spilled on the bag. Sure enough, this happened to me, and I was a bit angry when it first happened. Fortunately, due to the materials used, the spilled beer in the bag beaded up nicely and was very easy to clean up leaving no mess behind. I was impressed.

When it comes to the bottle opener, however, I would like to see one that is a bit stronger. Mine began to bend after only a couple of bottles opened. While the bag itself may be long lasting, don’t expect the bottle opener to perform as well.

Overall Impressions:

Throughout my time using the Mammoth IPA bag, I have been real impressed. It is clear that this is a well thought out product, and the manufacturing didn’t disappoint.

Several players on my team have commented on my bag as well. The one thing that seems to stand out to them are the materials used. They say it looks premium and durable, which is exactly what the designers set out to build.

There is one item I could say is missing from the design that I would personally like to see. I wouldn’t consider it a knock against the product, because it’s more of a personal preference, but if I had my choice, I would like to see separate pockets for each of my skates to go into.

Beyond that, my only complaint might be the price of this bag. At $220, it retails for three times as much as a Bauer premium bag. If you’re picking up a Mammoth IPA, you definitely need to keep in mind it’s an investment piece and should last much longer than other bags being produced today.

Where to buy?

If you want to pick up a Mammoth IPA player bag, head on over to You can pick up a Mammoth IPA bag on their website for $220. They also sell individual bottle openers, t-shirts, and a can coozie if you’re looking to accessorize.

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