Bauer Supreme Total One MX3 LE Stick

Hot on the heels of our Total One MX3 stick review posted yesterday, we’re getting the first glimpses of Bauer’s upcoming limited edition treatment.

The Bauer Supreme Total One MX3 LE stick will likely be released this fall, around October, and will offer the same features that make the original MX3 a great stick. It will be a true one piece stick, built using Bauer’s Monocomp technology, as well as their lightweight TeXtreme carbon fiber construction. Bauer’s eLASTech resin system will be used to make the stick stronger and longer lasting as well.

Of course the primary difference with the Total One MX3 LE stick will be the color scheme and design. The limited edition model will be a primarily black stick with a darker gold accent color. Bauer branding is prominent closer to the blade on the LE version, where that area features Supreme and MX3 branding on the original version. The limited edition version will have Supreme and MX3 branding towards the middle of the shaft design instead.

The Bauer Supreme Total One MX3 stick will offer an amplified mid kick flex profile. The shaft will have square corners with double concave sidewalls as well as a powerful dual taper. The blade will use PowerSense 2 blade technology, as well as the Pure Shot blade profile.

Check out the Bauer Total One MX3 LE stick below and let us know what you think! Do you like this design better than the original MX3?

Bauer Supreme Total One MX3 LE Stick



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