Bauer Vapor 1X Stick Review

Bauer Vapor 1X Stick Review

A couple of months ago, Bauer launched the latest refresh of the Vapor line of sticks with an all new taper design. Our friends at sent over the premier level Bauer Vapor 1X stick to review, and we took it to the ice. Read on for our Bauer Vapor 1X stick review.


  • Bauer Vapor 1X Stick
  • 60” length
  • 402 grams
  • 77 Flex
  • PM9 Pattern
  • No modifications


  • Lightweight TeXtreme Construction
  • Monocomp Technology
  • eLASTech Technology
  • Rounded corners with double concave sidewalls
  • Low kick flex point
  • Quick Release Taper Technolgy (QRT Technology)
  • Grip or clear finish available
  • Aero-Sense II Blade Core
  • Pure Shot blade profile

Design and Construction:

Bauer Hockey brought in one major change for the Vapor 1X stick, the all new and redesigned taper. The Bauer Vapor 1X stick features Quick Release Taper Technology. This bold and aggressive new design optimizes load and recoil energy in the lower portion of the shaft, which allows players to get their shot off extremely quick. The new QRT technology makes this stick perfect for those players who have a quick motion on their wristers, snap shots and slap shots. According to Bauer, this stick loads 20% faster and recoils 28% faster than the previous generation APX2 stick.

The blade on the Bauer Vapor 1X stick also received a nice upgrade. The 1X now uses the new Aero-Sense II blade core, improving puck feel and helping to prevent premature blade breakdown. This new blade core is actually integrated directly into the outer layer of carbon fiber, and the resulting improvements are great.

Construction of the Bauer Vapor 1X stick remains familiar, however. It’s built using Lightweight TeXtreme Construction, which is a carbon fiber exclusive to Bauer Hockey, and is 20% lighter than traditional carbon fiber. It’s also built using Bauer’s Monocomp Technology, which means it is a true one piece stick. The eLASTech technology, Bauer’s carbon nanotube resin, remains seen on this iteration of Vapor stick as well.

The shaft of the Bauer Vapor 1X stick is designed with rounded corners and double concave sidewalls, and of course the flex profile offers that nice low kickpoint.


The biggest change in the Bauer Vapor 1X stick is the new QRT technology. This is the largest change to the Vapor line of sticks since the X:60 stick introduced Intelli-Sense technology.

The Quick Release Taper takes the Vapor series to an extremely low kick-point and offers a lightning quick release. In fact, this stick offers the quickest release from any stick manufactured by Bauer. It’s made for players who have a quick motion and are looking to get off shots as quick as possible. If this sounds like you’re style of play, you’re going to be impressed.

The Bauer Vapor 1X stick loads 20% and recoils 28% faster than the APX2. The numbers are impressive, but in the grand scheme of things, you may not physically notice much of a difference. But when it comes to beating an elite goaltender, that improvement might be enough to snipe one past a quick glove or quick slide across the crease.

One of the best improvements I noticed overall was with puck feel. I felt that some of Bauer’s previous sticks hadn’t lived up to expectations in this department. However, the new Aero-Sense II blade core offers a much better feel for the puck than the APX2. While I still think that the CCM Tacks stick offers the best puck feel, Bauer is making solid progress.

Similar to our Bauer Supreme Total One MX3 stick review, the Vapor 1X stick uses Bauer’s proprietary resin, or eLASTech technology, to add additional reinforcement. The carbon nanotube technology is great and helps extend the life of the stick, but we’re wondering if an update to this technology might be coming along in the near future to extend life even further.

Overall Impressions:

The new Vapor 1X stick impressed me much more than the APX 2 did. Bauer added some very timely upgrades to the 1X and the result is a pretty exceptional stick that should make most forwards or snipers happy.

Personally, I like a stick with a very responsive blade. The APX 2 let me down in that regard, the changes Bauer has made to the blade of the 1X were very much needed.

Improvements on the flex profile were a welcome change as well. The Intelli-Sense technology was nice, but I think the Quick Release Taper trumps that in a stick that’s made for snipers. The improvement in how quick you get your shot off with a quicker flex and recoil may be negligible to most players, but it’s still a positive and nice improvement for Bauer in the Vapor line.

One of my only complaints about the 1X stick comes in Bauer’s clear finish version. With the clear grip, the stick is so smooth and slippery, that it is actually a downfall. I ended giving the entire shaft a candy cane tape job just to offset the slipperiness of the clear finish. If you have any question on which version you should go with when you buy, I would definitely recommend the grip finish.

But if a finish that’s too slippery is the only part I didn’t really like about the Vapor 1X stick, it would seem that Bauer has launched another great product.

Where to buy?

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  1. I’m sorry but I used my 1x for a month and the blade broke, keep in mind I’m not a choppy player but a skill guy so it wasn’t as if I was hacking people. It was a great stick but the blade broke extremely easy

    • My son has gone through 5 1X sticks in a year. He is 16 and plays at a AAA USPHL level. It seems to be the same story each time, he is slashed, takes a shot and the stick breaks. The durability of this stick is garbage. It has amazing performance however cannot stand up to the demands of the fierceness of the sport. If you pay $300 for a stick it should last and this one does NOT.

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