Sherwood Rekker EK60 Stick

The Sherwood Rekker EK60 stick is now available!

Click here to pre-order for $199!

Sherwood is launching a brand new stick in the Rekker line this fall, the all new Sherwood Rekker EK60 stick. The Sherwood Rekker EK60 stick will be the highly anticipated successor to the EK15. The EK15 was a solid performing stick that came in at a great price point of $199 and weighed incredibly under 400 grams.

The Sherwood Rekker EK60 stick has a nice new design, featuring a black stick with orange accents. We can also see on the picture that the Rekker EK60 stick will include Graphene, an extremely light and strong compound. The EK60 will actually be the first graphene infused composite stick to hit the market.

“Graphene has been integrated into the key breakage areas of the Rekker EK60 to make your stick not only lighter, but more durable and more resistant against hacks and slashes” Sherwood says.

The new Rekker EK60 stick will weigh in at only 385 grams, and will remain the lightest composite stick on the market. In addition to its light weight, the EK60 uses Sherwood’s VRF.2 blade which is designed to be very responsive, providing immediate response and feedback to your reactions on the rink. This blade utilizes high performance foam to provide that great feel and response, as well as a carbon fiber bridge for increased strength. Additionally, it’s designed to be lower torsion for increased accuracy on your shots.

The Sherwood Rekker EK60 stick will be available with a grip or non grip finish, and also come in senior, intermediate, and junior sizes. It will be available in the PP26 pattern, PP88 pattern, and Sherwoods new PP28 pattern.

Check out Bobby Ryan’s new Sherwood Rekker EK60 stick below and drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts!

Sherwood Rekker EK60 Stick

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