Bauer Supreme 1S Stick

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Pictures from the upcoming Bauer Supreme 1S stick have begun to leak online and while details on the technology or updates remains vague, you can get a full look at the new graphics package on the stick in the pictures below.

The Supreme 1S stick will be a true one piece stick design and feature Maximum Power Kick, or MPK, technology. MPK is a new design in order to offer the hardest shot. The stick will feature a higher kick point in order to allow more energy to transfer. It will also include a new lower taper integration to create an amplified catapult effect. This will allow the Bauer Supreme 1S stick to store and release more energy, all the while doing it more efficiently.

Other features in the Bauer Supreme 1S stick include the Power Sense 2 blade core, eLASTech technology, lightweight TeXtreme construction, the pure shot blade profile, square double concave shaft dimensions, and tactile texture to provide a natural feel.

There will be both a grip version, and non grip glossy version of the Supreme 1S stick.

The new Bauer Supreme 1S stick is scheduled for a release date on January 22nd, 2016, but pre-orders will be available beginning on December 8th. The price is set at $279.99 and it will be available in a variety of familiar patterns and flexes.

Until you can get your hands on one, check out the pictures below of the new Bauer Supreme 1S stick and leave us a comment with your thoughts!

Bauer Supreme 1S Stick

Bauer Supreme 1S Stick

Bauer Supreme 1S Stick


  1. To me it looks like a cross between the nexus 8000 and the ultra tacks! I’m not gonna be steering away from that Sherwood Rekker line though!

  2. I have tried all of the brands and the Bauer supreme line is my all time favorite. I like the new look. It’s amazing how they can keep making a great stick even better. I don’t waste my money on anything else anymore. Supreme for life..

  3. I got my hands on this stick today. The Bauer CEO’s son goes to my school. It’s cool af and it’s the only prototype of this stick.

  4. My 11 year old has used nothing but Bauer Sepereme sticks and always will as long as he’s scoring BD. I wish this was out before Xmas because that would make his Xmas over the top.

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