CCM Tacks Skates Review

When CCM decided it was time to introduce a brand new skate line, they sort of went backward before going forward. Instead of unveiling a whole new identity, they reintroduced the Tacks skate back into the lineup. The Tacks brand had a very good following, and CCM was eager to build off of that with a whole new set of customers. But would the new Tacks live up to the history of the old name? Read on and find out in our CCM Tacks skates review.


  • CCM Tacks Skates
  • Size 9.5 D
  • 839 grams


  • Carbon Twill Composite AttackFrame
  • Formula T6 Pro Core
  • Dual Zone Clarino Liner
  • Pro Spec Felt Tongue
  • Custom Support Insoles
  • Extra Stiff Vented Carbon Fiber Composite Outsole
  • Speed Blade 4.0 Holders
  • Speed Blade Hyper Glide Runners

Design and Construction:

The all new Tacks skate from CCM is designed for the player looking to accelerate quickly and make the most out of their efforts with great energy transfer. This is all done through CCM’s AttackFrame technology. The AttackFrame utilizes strategically placed carbon composite inserts so that you’re pushing off with the stiffest part of the skates. This helps to maximize energy transfer and results in incredible quickness and explosiveness when accelerating.

Inside the boot you will find a dual zone clarino liner which offers top of the line comfort and durability, as well as great moisture management properties. The tongue used is a pro level felt tongue with EPE foam and high density inserts for improved fit and protection. You will also get a great custom footbed with the Tacks skates. It will be the same arch specific insole which was introduced with the RBZ skate and now makes it’s appearance here.

Beneath the boot CCM chose extra stiff composite for the skates outsole. This will work with the AttackFrame technology to help maximize energy transfer from each and every stride. SpeedBlade 4.0 holders are featured on the Tacks skates as well as the SpeedBlade Hyper Glide runner which is a nice polished steel which provides extra glide.

The CCM Tacks skates weigh in at 839 grams according to Ice Warehouse. While this is heavier than their own Jetspeed skates, they are lighter than the Ribcor 50k skates. Overall they feel very light on your feet despite not being the lightest top end skates on the market.

Fit and Performance:

The Tacks skates offer what is described as a more traditional fit. They offer a medium to high volume in the boot, and a medium volume throughout the ankle, the top of the foot, forefoot, and toe box. I typically wear a size 9.5 D for my skates, and that held true with the Tacks. A 9.5 D offered a great fit for my foot with very little negative space. I strongly suggest trying on the Tacks skates first, though, to confirm they fit correctly.

When it comes down to performance, the Tacks skates definitely live up to the description of being CCM’s stiffest pair of skates. With that said, however, I’m still not sure that they’re as stiff as a Curv composite quarter package from Bauer. That’s not a bad thing though, there are plenty of players who think some of Bauer’s premier level skates are too stiff, pros included. For those people, the Tacks skates offer a nice alternative. They’re stiff enough to help improve key areas of your skating, but not overly stiff that they are uncomfortable to wear or hinder your game in any way.

The Tacks were designed to help give you quick acceleration from a dead stop, or when changing directions. This was done successfully through the use of strategically placed carbon composite inserts in the AttackFrame. You can definitely feel the difference between these skates and something more like the Ribcor skates. Energy transfer is very good, and that helps to boost confidence a bit knowing that every last bit of energy used out on the ice for each stride is helping with that quickness you want to achieve.

Through a few months of wearing the Tacks regularly, I was very happy with the way the skates held up. The only real breakdown I noticed in the skates was the tendon guard. However, this was actually appreciated, because out of the box the tendon guard would dig into the back of my leg a bit too much. It had no flexibility to move with me. Within a couple games, though, this problem seemed to take care of itself.

In terms of durability, the quarter package remained stiff throughout my time using the Tacks skates, which was a great sign. They seemed to perform the same during my 10th or 20th game as they did on the first night using them. The lightness of the Tacks, along with the design, helped me to feel very quick on the ice, no matter what the situation was.

Overall Impressions:

When I first saw the all new Tacks line of skates, I was kind of disappointed. I felt that CCM had missed an opportunity by not paying homage to the previous line of Tacks with a similar color scheme and design. However, after using the skates for an extended period of time, I’m now happier with their choice.

The new color scheme and bold look of the Tacks skates really helps to set it apart from the previous version. These aren’t the same skates your dad used, and CCM wants you to know that. The technology used is great, and the design really compliments an already strong CCM lineup.

CCM also slid these skates in to a very good price point as well. They only cost $799, which is $100 cheaper than premier level skates from Bauer. Given the features and the way these skates play, you really can’t argue with the price if you’re after top end gear.

If you’re after a stiff skate to offer quick acceleration among other things, the CCM Tacks just might be the route to go. Of course, your best bet will still be to try them on first and make sure they offer the right fit.

Where to buy?

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