Warrior Covert QRL Stick

Per request from Warrior, we have removed the details of the Warrior Covert QRL stick.

We will re-post the details and pictures of the all new Warrior Covert QRL stick at a more appropriate time.

Stay tuned for more Covert QRL details.


  1. Looks pretty sick. I’ve never used a Warrior stick as I’ve always had Bauer, and I will most likely continue to buy Bauer sticks. P.s Do you know how much it will weigh?

  2. It sounds like its going to address the durabilty issues that the Qr1 had in the tapper area and blade area.

    The overall look just has to much going on. I liked the original Qr1 look better.

    The orange black teal/green with red and white mixed in is a little to much.

  3. This looks sweet, do you know when pre orders are or when the the stick is released? I love the colors and this sounds like you guys are fixing up what problems where in the QR1, Anyway this stick looks and sounds sick!

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