Graf PeakSpeed PK770 Stick

Graf has long been known for their great skates, but they will soon be introducing the Graf PeakSpeed PK770 stick as part of their all new PeakSpeed stick line.

The Graf PeakSpeed PK770 stick starts out with 100% high modulus carbon fiber for enhanced puck control and feel. This also makes for an incredibly light weight stick, weighing in at only 400 grams.

Peakwave textured zones have been included in key areas on the shaft in order to improve grip. Additionally, the Graf PeakSpeed PK770 stick features a rounded shaft geometry for improved puck handling. The no slip grip on the remaining parts of the shaft provide just the right amount of grip, and don’t make it overly tacky.

The Graf PK770 stick offers an ultra low kickpoint for a lightning quick release on shots. Down into the blade, you’ll find a matte finish to reduce glare and enhance peripheral vision. The blade also features a Rebar Blade Frame. This frame features four internal stiffeners which help connect the front and back of the blade, and assist the puck in launching off of the blade.

Check out the all new Graf PeakSpeed PK770 stick below and drop us a comment with your thoughts. Would you buy this new Graf stick over something from the big manufacturers?

Graf PeakSpeed PK770 Stick


  1. Already have one (Through an ambassador program) and I love it, it’s an easy stick to get used to, a lot of pop, an amazing feel and so much more, definitely a stick everyone should look into getting!

  2. ^ I also got one through an ambassador program. Probably the best stick I’ve used, would definitely recommend to anyone.

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