Bauer Vapor 1X Elbow Pads

This Spring, Bauer will be introducing the all new Bauer Vapor 1X elbow pads as part of their update to the Vapor line of protective gear.

The Bauer Vapor 1X elbow pads will be the premier elbow pads in the new Vapor line, and will feature some great new technology.

Much like the 1X shoulder pads and shin guards, the new Vapor 1X elbow pads will feature Curv Composite to improve the overall protection provided in key impact zones. The use of this composite also helps to reduce the weight of the pads.

The Vapor 1X elbow pads will also feature transfer mesh, which is a new breathable fabric designed to enhance 37.5 technology. The transfer mesh helps to speed up the evaporation process by improving airflow through the equipment.

Bauer’s Vapor 1X elbow pads utilize free flex cap construction, and feature a multi segmented bicep guard, along with a 3 strap system with anchor strap for a secure fit. Much like the rest of the Vapor line, the elbow pads will offer a tapered design and overall fit.

You can expect to see the all new Bauer Vapor 1X elbow pads in retail stores this spring, so keep an eye out at Ice and Inline Warehouse.

Bauer Vapor 1X Elbow Pads



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  1. Thanks for sharing! These look amazing! You finally got it right Bauer. Loving the outlined Bauer logo on the bicep strap and the fact they changed the color back to black!

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