CCM JetSpeed Black Limited Edition Skates

Buy the CCM JetSpeed Black Limited Edition Skates Today!

CCM will be launching a limited edition pair of their JetSpeed skates this spring, and they’ll be called the CCM JetSpeed Black skates.

The name leaves little doubt as to the appearance. The JetSpeed Black skates have been blacked out, removing much of the red and white accents featured on the standard JetSpeed skates. CCM, however, has added black laces, as well as SpeedBlade black runners to finish off the look.

Other than the blacked out look and changes above, everything else remains the same with the CCM JetSpeed Black limited edition skates.

The JetSpeed Black skates are real slick looking, and you can order them today! The skates will begin to ship April 8th.

Check out the upcoming CCM JetSpeed Black limited edition skates below and drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts!

CCM JetSpeed Black Limited Edition Skates

CCM JetSpeed Black Limited Edition Skates

CCM JetSpeed Black Limited Edition Skates


    • CCM Has new product releases for their skate lines every two years, The Jetspeed’s were introduced in Spring 2015 so they are likely to have a new model for spring/summer 2017

      The Tacks skates will have a revamping of the line This Calendar year, likely the summer we will see this new skate

  1. So they have their skates with accents of red & black (Jetspeed), Green (Ribcore) and Yello (Tacks). Where is the BLUE? I don’t get it…

  2. CCM should do what Bauer does and make them available in the $200 pricepoint skates. Most people aren’t going to impulse buy a $700-800 skate just because of color, which is why we don’t bring those in. The $200 LE’s sell out every year.

  3. You can see in the World Juniors and Kadri in the Centennial Classic wearing what looks to be the 2017 Jetspeeds. Similar look to the 2015s but not sure what they entail specifically.

    • Along the lines of previous comments… the Jetspeed skates need to be a better value. My 10 year old Nike Bauer XXIIs are better quality than Jetspeed 280s (around the same price point in today’s dollars)!

      P.s. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems there is a lot of price fixing with skates 😉

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