CCM Super Tacks Skates

This summer CCM will launch the all new CCM Super Tacks Skates.

The CCM Super Tacks skates are five years in the making, and include some awesome new technology. Let’s dive in and see what they have to offer.

Leading the way with the all new CCM Super Tacks skates is the MonoFrame 360 Technology. This is essentially a one-piece carbon composite boot with anatomical shape designed to mold to every inch of your foot, around and under, in order to provide more foot to skate contact. This design and technology eliminates the need for a traditional outsole. Additionally, having a one-piece frame will help to improve overall energy transfer and create a more direct form of force.

The CCM Super Tacks skates will also include an all new ADV Pro Molded Tongue. This tongue is super lightweight, and features an advanced lace bite protection layer to increase comfort, protection, and performance.

CCM’s Super Tacks skates will also feature SpeedBlade Black runners. These premium oxide treated blades will help to provide advanced performance, a longer edge life, and improve the resistance to corrosion. The SpeedBlade Black runners will sit in CCM’s SpeedBlade 4.0 holder.

Additional features on the CCM Super Tacks skates include a TotalDri liner with durazone abrasion patch. This high performance and moisture-wicking material will keep your feet dry throughout gameplay. A smooth contour pro comfort pad is present around the collar of the boot for improved ankle and foot comfort. You will also find multi-density memory foam ankle padding used as well. This symmetrical foam pad will wrap around your foot for a more customized fit.

The all new CCM Super Tacks skates will be released in summer 2016. Until then, check out the all new Super Tacks skates gallery below. As always, drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts on the CCM Super Tacks Skates.


  1. Well, those Super Tacks really do look cute .. though I note that Ultra Tacks appear a bit more robust .

    I’m replacing my CLs & U+Pro custom boots this Autumn, and the Super boot appeals, cos it might shape better to my feet, with all that bendy plastic .

    Even with a true Custom build, the skills of the Cordwainer seem to have gone, leaving me trusting that the plastic will stretch & accommodate as I skate .

    Hhmmmpphh !! Jacques LeHatte

    ps : what’s with all this yellow already .. why can’t CCM have a Company Colour Scheme & stick to it .. & don’t tell me yellow was a trad Tacks colour .. is it a Graff, is it a Bauer, no, it’s Super Tacks !!

    • It looks like the Super Tacks are the more “progressive” skates. The Ultra Tacks have a “traditional” build with the two-piece quarter/outsole thing going on.

      About the color schemes: I actually like what they have going right now. Each lineup has its own color: JetSpeeds are red, RibCors are black/green, and Tacks are yellow.

      It’s kind of like Bauer: the Nexus is blue, the Supremes are yellow, and the Vapors are red.

  2. These skates look like CCM is making a leap in front of Bauer in the category of skates. I’ve been a Vapor skater myself for the last 4 years, but recently I was eyeing a new pair of VH custom skates. VH Hockey has been using this type of carbon fibre mono frame technology for longer than the R&D team at CCM has been developing these skates. The one-piece design is stronger, lighter, and allows more direct transfer from foot to skate. I can only assume the influence of the VH skate on the CCM design. I’m curious as to what the cost of the CCM will be given you can get a pair of custom VH skates made specifically for your feet at a cost of $910. I doubt Bauer will ever be a mono frame made out of their Curv composite material. Hopefully Bauer sees the shift in the technology within the market and catches up soon.

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