Konixx Pure Roller Hockey Wheels Review

You may have never heard of Konixx roller hockey wheels, and that’s okay. We hadn’t either until coming across an Instagram post from NARCh Winternationals. After getting in touch with the folks from Konixx, we received a sample set of their Konixx Pure wheels to review. I’ve had a number of skates on the wheels now, and have put together my thoughts below in our full Konixx Pure roller hockey wheels review.


  • Konixx Pure Roller Hockey Wheels
  • Used on Hi-Lo Chassis and Bauer Skates

Design and Construction:

From our discussions with Nick Boyarsky, brand manager for Konixx Hockey, we were able to learn all about the design and construction of the Konixx Pure.

This dual pour wheel had ups and downs during the testing phases, but last November hit a point that was very well received. The 25 man test team for Konixx had excitedly declared that version the best wheel they had ever skated on. The team did another run that was the exact same, and received the same response from the test team. When asked what they would change about the wheel, the players all responded with “nothing.”

In order to maintain what they had already achieved, the Konixx team did as they were advised and changed nothing. This meant the wheel was left “pure” with no dyes or additives that might effect the urethane compound. The urethane is very natural and unaltered, or pure, hence the name.

Because of this pure state, the wheels have a cloudy appearance which may cause the graphics to appear less bold since they are applied to the inner wheel. Each wheel is different as well, with some appearing more cloudy than others. The performance, however, is all the same.


The Pure wheel was designed to be the best possible wheel to date. It is constructed with a proprietary inner core and outer urethane which are extremely specialized. There is also a specialized urethane ink for printing to ensure 100% bonding between the inner core and outer layer. This was done to minimize the possibility of separation and de-coring during play.

A number of different wheel profiles were also tested, before deciding on the producing version. This was done to ensure the correct surface shape was being matched with the grip, speed, rebound, and durability created by the Pure formula. In other words, Konixx wanted to make sure the right amount of surface area was in contact with the floor during all types of skating; from straight line speed to cornering and stopping.



My favorite wheels to use in the past had always been the Labeda Addiction wheels. Using other wheels, including the top end Revision wheels, always led to frustration for me. There was never enough grip, or high enough performance, to satisfy my needs on the rink.

When I first put the Pure wheels on my skates, I really had no idea what to expect. If I was slipping on the rink with some of the “best” wheels out on the market today, what would I get out of these new wheels?

From the moment the wheels hit the rink floor, I was blown away by their performance. I was immediately able to cut and corner around the rink in ways that I could not do with Labeda and Revision wheels. Taking sharp turns was easily attainable, quick stops and starts were easier, and something as simple as swinging around behind the net became much easier because of the incredible amount of grip on the Konixx Pure wheels.

However, the awesome amount of grip was not the only benefit. I also found the wheels to provide great speed overall. Since there was so much grip, starting from a dead stop was much improved over other wheels. Each stride led to more energy being put into picking up speed rather than losing energy from wheels slipping. But even while I was moving, the grip did not decrease my speed in any way. I felt quick on the rink night in and night out with the Konixx Pure wheels.

Overall Impressions:

I have been blown away by the Konixx Pure roller hockey wheels, to say the least. I really had no idea what to expect out of a brand new wheel company, but they have definitely made an immediate impact for me. Grip, speed, and durability have all been top notch while I have used the wheels, and the performance has always been a step above the competition. The Konixx Pure is now my wheel of choice above other great brands like Labeda and Revision. 

Where to buy?

Like what you’ve read about the Konixx Pure roller hockey wheels? If so, keep an eye out for these great wheels to launch direct to consumer from Konixx.com.

The wheel will be offered in a soft and mid hardness early on, and then a stiff hardness will launch later on down the line. Launch date for the Pure wheels is currently scheduled for mid April, just in time for the roller hockey season.

Konixx will also introduce other wheels this Spring including The Catalyst (indoor price point), Flux (concrete or painted surface wheel), and the Nucleus goalie wheel.

Click here to check out Konixx.com!

Don’t forget to drop us a note in the comments and let us know if this review was helpful to you, or share your own review if you have used these wheels. You can also let us know if you have specific questions, and we will do our best to answer those for you.

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