CCM Super Tacks Stick

In June, the hockey world will see the release of the all new CCM Super Tacks stick.

CCM hopes to take the Tacks line to the next level with the CCM Super Tacks stick. It will feature a few solid updates to help ensure that happens.

The CCM Super Tacks stick uses a new dual flex profile. This new flex profile is an optimized version of the previous mid kick. It not features a softer loading zone for wrist shots, and a stiffer one for slap shots. This new technology will really help to maximize your shot, regardless of which way you’re shooting.

The blade has also been improved on the CCM Super Tacks stick. CCM has reduced the overall weight with an all new AcuLite blade, and also improved the feel of the stick. The CCM Tacks line has offered an incredible feel in the past, but the Super Tacks will take that to a new level. Despite a lighter blade, the stiffness profile of the blade has been maintained in order to help provide pinpoint accuracy.

CCM also worked to improve the durability of the new CCM Super Tacks stick. The bumper technology was improved by increasing strength in the slash zone area, which ultimately will provide a stronger shaft.

The all new CCM Super Tacks stick is aiming to improve upon an already incredible history. With a new dual flex profile, AcuLite blade, and improved durability, they may very well have created the best CCM stick yet.

Pre-Orders are available for the CCM Super Tacks stick. If you’re interested, click here to order from

Check out the all new CCM Super Tacks stick below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

CCM Super Tacks Stick


  1. Odd that it is a variable kick, how will this fall in line with their current RBZ Speedburner stick?

    Does this just have 2 flex profiles and the RBZ series is variable throughout the shaft?

  2. Hopefully the coating is better and doesnt chip in few weeks. I loved the Ultra TACKS look and Im not sure that Super look. Have to see in hand also for final judgement. I love TACKS feel anyways. Superb stick!

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