STX Surgeon RX2 Stick

STX has finally unveiled the latest in the Surgeon line of sticks, the all new top of the line STX Surgeon RX2 stick. The new Surgeon RX2 stick is much different than any of their previous sticks, so let’s jump in and see what makes it unique.

The biggest difference between the STX Surgeon RX2 stick and it’s predecessor is the new shaft geometry. The patent pending and game changing technology is called PureGrip, and it is essentially giving the bottom of the shaft more of a U shape rather than a traditional rectangular shape. Here’s how STX describes their new technology:

PuregripTM Technology gives you an entirely new way to take control of the game. Its innovative, ergonomic design on the underside of the shaft fills the void in your hand left by a traditional shaped hockey stick.The angular shape on the bottom of the stick maximizes hand contact points for advanced stick control and quick, responsive play.

The new Surgeon RX2 stick will also feature PureBlade technology which will help to provide a lighter and more responsive blade. This was done by combining 18k and 3k carbon fiber weaves in order to get the best out of both worlds, performance and feel.

Beyond the PureGrip and PureBlade technologies, STX’s Surgeon RX2 stick also featured a nano enhanced resin system. This additional feature will help to improve durability. The STX Surgeon RX2 stick utilizes dual kick points, as well as a higher balance point than most competitors.

Check out the all new STX Surgeon RX2 stick below and leave us a comment with your thoughts!

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