Revision RVFlex Wheels

On June 15th, Revision Hockey will launch their latest wheels dubbed the Revision RVFlex wheels.

What makes the Revision RVFlex wheels special is the all new design which allows you to utilize the wheels based on the way you skate and play.

One side of the RVFlex wheel will be designed specifically for top end speed. On the other side, the design is different, allowing for more grip as you skate.

With the RVFlex wheels, instead of buying different wheels based on your playing style, you can pick up a set of the same wheel and just pop them in place based on where you want more grip and where you want more speed.

The tricky part of the equation will be when you need to rotate your wheels. This will essentially be eliminated as rotating will switch the grip to speed, or vice-versa.

When these wheels drop on June 15th, you can be sure to pick them up at

Check out the all new Revision RVFlex wheels below and drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts!

Revision RVFlex Wheels

Revision RVFlex Wheels

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