Tour Code 1 Skates

Tour Hockey has unveiled their latest premier level skates for 2016, the all new Tour Code 1 skates.

You may recall that Tour previously had a pair of Code 1 skates available, but the new ones are unlike anything you’ve seen from Tour before. Let’s take a look at the all new Tour Code 1 skates to see what they offer.

The quarter package of the all new Code 1 skates uses Tour’s lightweight VORRAC construction. Its comprised of high tech materials, along with Surlyn, to make the boot rigid yet comfortable and easy to break in. The skates are heat moldable as well, helping to improve comfort and customize the fit.

Tour has also designed their new Code 1 skates with all new VIBRAM wear patches on the inside and outside of the boot. This is going to help improve durability and extend the life of the boot. Additionally, they have introduced an all new Knetik tendon guard with improved range of motion. This tendon guard will snap back in to place after each stride, helping to maximize power on every stride you take.

Moving inside of the boot, Tour has strategically used high density memory foam ankle pads in order to not only add comfort, but to further lock your heel and ankle to improve power transfer. Comfort pillow padding will also be used to help reduce ankle irritation.

To help keep your feet cool and dry, the Tour Code 1 skates will use a comfort ACCUAIRE moisture wicking liner. The Code 1 skates will also feature instep honeycomb venting for improved breathability.

Another new feature seen in the Tour Code 1 skates will be the all new A.R.C. tongue. The A.R.C. stands for Anti-Lacebite, Removable, and Custom fit toe box. In other words, you have improved lace bite protection from the Aero Ridge anti-lacebite channels which will help distribute tension and eliminate lacebite. The tongue is removable, allowing you to swap out tongues or re-position using a custom velcro strap. Finally, by adding extra felt on the tongue in the toe box, you can eliminate negative space between your toes and the toe box. This will provide improved control, stability, and comfort.

Beneath the boot of the Tour Code 1 skates you will find a Labeda Humer Eviction Pro 2 chassis. This chassis is a magnesium and aluminum hybrid which is lightweight, and provides great performance and durability. Labeda Addiction wheels will be included with the Tour Code 1 skates, and they will roll on Bevo Swiss Platinum bearings.

Check out the all new Tour Code 1 skates below and leave us a note in the comments with your thoughts!

Tour Code 1 Skates

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