Mission NLS1 Inhaler Pants

Misson Hockey has once again refreshed their roller hockey pants, and the new look on the Mission NLS1 Inhaler pants is a big change from what we’ve seen in the past.

The all new Mission NLS1 roller hockey pants remind me of a pair of joggers, thanks to a few new features and design updates. Starting at the top, Mission’s latest pants will now utilize a new elastic waist band with hockey lace tie for adjustments. This design was used to make the NLS1 pants as comfortable as possible.

Mission also added an elastic ankle and a taper fit to their Inhaler NLS1 pants for just the right look and feel. A tapered fit will hold the pants closer to your legs and shin pads, while the elastic ankle offers a snug fit beneath your shins and allows you to remain mobile and comfortable. The legs will also continue to use rip sling technology for further adjustments.

The Mission NLS1 Inhaler roller hockey pants will make use of 37.5 technology to help wick away sweat and keep you dry. The 37.5 has become a popular choice for Bauer and Mission products, and it’s no surprise they would include it on the NLS1 pants. If you’re not familiar, this technology works with your body to better manage temperature and moisture, keeping you in the optimal comfort zone throughout play.

Mission’s NLS1 pants are designed to be lighter, more durable, and more ventilated than ever before. They will launch later this year in senior sizes small to extra large. They will only come in a black color scheme with white accents. You can purchase the Mission NLS1 pants from InlineWarehouse.com when they launch.

Check out the all new Mission NLS1 Inhaler pants below and drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts!

Mission NLS1 Inhaler Pants

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