CCM JetSpeed Roller Hockey Skate Review

ccm-jetspeed-sr-roller-hockey-skates-8As the flagship model in the JetSpeed line, the CCM JetSpeed roller hockey skate is intended to offer pro-level performance, stiffness and comfort through a number of high-level innovations and new features intended to make the skates more powerful than ever before. Check out our full review of the skates below, and thanks to the folks at CCM Hockey for supplying the demo skates for us to review.

Design & Construction

The CCM JetSpeed skate features a RocketFrame Composite Quarter Package with a SpeedCore 2 that showcases a totally re-engineered and anatomical boot shape.

The lowers consist of CCM’s premier magnesium FastFrame chassis, complete with Labeda Addiction wheels and Swiss Lite bearings. This is connected to the new Lightweight Composite Force Outsole that has an indentation through the center to further increases stiffness and rigidity for a more powerful stride. Internally, the JetSpeed skate uses a Dual-Zone Clarino Liner to deliver pro-level comfort and moisture-wicking capabilities. Both sides of the liner come with Durazone Abrasion Patches and Comfort Edge Wraps to further enhance durability and relief from high-ankle abrasion.


This is where the JetSpeed skates really set themselves apart from other brands. The first thing you notice when you slip on these skates is how tight the heel pocket is. This is completely by design as the intended purpose of the tighter heel pocket is to keep your feet locked in place for better energy transfer when you stride. The rest of the skate offers a much more contoured fit that eliminates the “boxy” feel of previous CCM skate models.

My feet are normal width, but the overall fit of the JetSpeed skates was a bit too snug—and the heel pocket definitely needed to be loosened some. My first attempt at baking the skates helped alleviate some of the pressure throughout the boot, and I thought that a couple wears would break in the skates and get them where I needed to be. After a few uses, though, I still found myself needing some extra relief and opted to re-bake the skates—this time wearing two pairs of socks. That helped achieve the results I was looking for while still maintaining the tight heel lock for improved energy transfer.

While the “snugger” feel of the skates left my feet a touch sore, I didn’t experience any abrasions. I largely attribute this to CCM’s Durazone Abrasion Patches and Comfort Edge Wraps featured on both sides of the liner. These definitely helped prevent any further discomfort than what was needed until I got the boots well-formed to my feet.

I found the stock insoles included in the skates to provide enough arch support and overall comfort to meet my needs. However, if you have higher or lower arches and need a different level of support, CCM sells Custom Support Insoles that will better match your foot. Now, these will set you back roughly $50 a set, but the performance benefits you’ll reap from having proper support will be worth it.


For high-end skates, you expect high-end results—and the JetSpeeds largely deliver.

I was surprised that these skates felt slightly heavier than some of the other top-end skates I’ve used.Not much, but noticeable enough. But what really caught my attention was how sturdy the sidewalls on these felt. It truly made me realize just how much my old pair of skates had broken down and how much power I was losing on my stride because of this.

When I first started using these skates, I wanted to demo them in their stock form with as few adjustments as possible. Over the course of time, I started tinkering to see if I could make improvements based on my style. Unfortunately, I just can’t get behind the straight-wheel setup. I know most brands use this combination now, but I prefer a hi-lo system. That being said, when I first started using the skates, I noticed an immediate improvement in my speed—and my ability to gain speed quicker. I attribute this to a combination of the straight wheel set-up, the strong construction if the sidewalls that prevents buckling when striding, and the heel locking fit that transfers energy more efficiently.

I should also say that the Labeda Addiction wheels that come standard on the JetSpeeds are phenomenal. They provided excellent grip for cornering and stopping. And they still felt great after more than a dozen hours of use, and showed little signs of wear overall. No cracking at all.

But I struggled to really feel comfortable skating in JetSpeeds. Like I said, I can’t get used to a straight-wheel setup, so I opted to swap out the back front wheels in both skates for smaller sizes to create a hi-lo feel. That small move made a huge difference in my comfort level with the skates. I lost some speed, which is normal in a hi-lo setup, but overall my performance improved just because my confidence in the skates improved. This was definitely more of a preference thing, and those who prefer a straight-wheel setup will be more than happy with the skates as they come stock.

Overall Impressions

As a pro-level skate, the CCM JetSpeed roller hockey skates offer advanced level players all of the features to meet their needs. Most of the qualms I had regarding the skates related more to my personal preferences than the ability of the skates themselves, and once I truly got comfortable wearing them I loved playing in them. With a price tag of $699.99, these skates are certainly meant for elite-level talent looking for the best of the best.

If these bad boys are out of your price range, make sure to check out the other options in the JetSpeed line at Inline Warehouse—including the JetSpeed 280R roller hockey skates, which retail for $299. These skates deliver a lot of the same performance benefits without all the bells and whistles, helping to make the skates much more affordable for the average player.


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    I need your advise to choose a right size for this skates. I checked a few reviews that say these skates sizes larger than other brands by 1 size, but I checked the comparative sizing chart for different brands and doesn’t revealed any differences between CCM and other brands. What is you size in cm. and which size of of skates fits you properly?
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