Mission NLS2 Inhaler Skates

Mission Hockey skates are taking a huge leap this year with the addition of Curv composite in the quarter package. We will see Curv composite not only on the top level skate, but on the second level Mission NLS2 Inhaler skates as well. Mission fans can also expect to see a handful of other great features on the all new NLS2 Inhaler skates.

As I just mentioned, the Mission NLS2 skates will use a Curv composite quarter package design. This quarter package includes a new inhaler vent design, helping to promote airflow and keep you cool.

Inside the boot, you will find a nice grip liner with quilted indy foam pads. The liner will be moisture wicking and help keep your feet dry, meanwhile the additional padding will provide incredible comfort.

Beneath the boot, the Mission NLS2 Inhaler skates are going to include a nice fiber composite outsole. This will help keep the skate lightweight, while also maximizing energy transfer. A Hi-Lo aluminum chassis will be used beneath that, and it will carry Revision Variant Plus wheels along with Hi-Lo Swiss bearings.

For looks, the Mission NLS2 Inhaler skates will provide some customization. A heel chip will allow you to customize colors to match your team, and a colorful Mission logo swap will also be available.

The all new Mission NLS2 Inhaler skates are scheduled to hit stores soon. Until then, check out the skates below and drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts!

Mission NLS2 Inhaler Skates

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