Sherwood BPM 150 Stick

Sherwood hockey just introduced an all new stick line with the top level Sherwood BPM 150 stick leading the way. 

The Sherwood BPM 150 stick was engineered using graphene in the lower portion of the stick. This is one of the strongest materials used in hockey equipment today and not only improved durability of the stick, but also improves the pop achieved with each and every shot.

Sherwood’s BPM 150 stick will also be the first to utilize Power Pivot technology. This new setup includes an optimized balance point which is meant to increase swing speed and help players get their shot off quicker. 

The Sherwood BPM 150 stick offers a traditional mid-kick point, similar to the True Touch stick that came before it. The BPM 150 also offers Sherwoods VRF.2 blade core. 
Sherwood’s latest stick is lightweight, coming in at only 425 grams. The release date is scheduled for October 1st, but you can pre-order yours today at Ice and Inline Warehouse for only $199.99

Check out the all new Sherwood BPM 150 stick below and leave us a comment with your thoughts on the latest stick from Sherwood Hockey. 

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