Tims Run with Sid and Nate

Last year, Tim Hortons teamed up with Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon for an incredible promotion where the NHL stars worked as employees at the Canadian restaurant chain. This year, Sid and Nate are back in uniform and seeking out more adventures.

The clips start out with Crosby and MacKinnon making a drive-thru stop at Tim Hortons and requesting an absurd amount of coffee, along with some other additional items.

The next stop takes the duo to a local game of pick-up street hockey. Sid and Nate show off some of their skills with the kids, and then treat everyone to some beverages from their first stop.

Afterwards, the Cole Harbour natives head to a local fire department where they get a chance to train like firefighters, and climb the 110-foot ladder despite admittedly being afraid of heights.

What an adventure for Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon. I wonder what Tim Hortons will have in store for us next year?

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