Pre-Order the Bauer Supreme 1S LE Stick

Back in March we brought you a first look at the all-new Bauer Supreme 1S LE stick. Today, you can officially pre-order it and become one of the first to own Bauer’s latest limited edition stick.

The Bauer Supreme 1S LE stick includes all of the same features that you would get with the original 1S stick. It uses lightweight TeXtreme construction, true one-piece Monocomp technology, and eLASTech carbon nanotube technology.

The stick will offer a Supreme Power Taper, designed for less twist and more control and accuracy. It also utilizes a Maximum Power Kick (MPK) mid-flex profile.

Arguably the best part of the all new Supreme 1S LE stick is the amazing color scheme. The black, gray, and orange colors align extremely well with the colors of Team North America for the 2016 World Cup. The great limited edition design also adds a new dimension for the Supreme line, offering a taste of something other than the black and gold were used to seeing.

Bauer’s all new Supreme 1S LE stick is now available for pre-order. You can pick one up from our friends at Ice and Inline Warehouse for $279.99 and receive free shipping on your purchase. Buy today and your stick is guaranteed to arrive on your doorstep on launch day, October 7th.

Bauer Supreme 1S Limited Edition Stick Bauer Supreme 1S LE Stick

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