Copper Joint Compression Knee Sleeve Review

For hockey players, sometimes knee pain is just part of the game. Whether the pain hits you during games, or more likely after games, it seems to be something that comes with the territory. But is there anything that can be done during your daily life to alleviate the pain besides Tylenol or ibuprofen?

Copper Joint Compression Knee Sleeve ReviewEnter Copper Joint, makers of a compression knee sleeve (among other products) infused with copper in order to regulate temperature and promote quick healing. Could this really benefit a hockey player, though? Thankfully our friends at Copper Joint were able to send us some review units to put through the paces. My thoughts are below in our full Copper Joint compression knee sleeve review.

Straight from the Copper Joint website, here is what you can expect when it comes to the knee sleeve and its features:

Perfect for sore knees, this durable, lightweight, and extremely comfortable knee sleeve gives you just the right level of support, while enjoying the benefits of our patented copper-infused technology. The high quality material keeps your sore knee secure and the perfect temperature, instantly making you feel better while it promotes healing. It also features our double-silicone anti-slip system, which no competing knee sleeve has. This ensures your knee sleeve stays put, no matter what activity you’re doing.

You can wear this copper-infused compression knee sleeve all day or all night, as it feels great while wicking away moisture and eliminating microbes. It’s ideal for everyday use, after surgery or injury, after (or during) a workout, playing a sport, vacuuming the house, and much more. Bottom line – your knees work hard, and this copper-infused compression knee sleeve will make them feel great

Testing this product for my review consisted of wearing it on a daily basis through my normal everyday activities, during workouts, and of course, during hockey.


From my experience, the Copper Joint knee sleeve was effective in everyday wear, specifically for keeping my knees warm and providing some additional support. The compression fit was nice and definitely helped with day to day soreness. After wearing the Copper Joint knee sleeves for a few days in a row, my knees felt better than without wearing them.

When it comes to workouts, the additional support from the knee sleeves was nice, and again, the temperature control was terrific. However, while doing big and heavy lifts such as squats, I felt a bit more comfortable wearing a compression knee brace rather than just the sleeve. The knee brace provides additional support, above and beyond that of the sleeve, that I found necessary during each workout.

The same could be said for wearing the brace while playing hockey. The extra support and temperature regulation were great, but I found that it just wasn’t doing enough for me. However, the extent of your knee damage and the amount of support required will ultimately dictate whether or not the Copper Joint knee sleeve is enough support for you.

My biggest complaint about the Copper Joint knee sleeves would be the double-silicone anti-slip system. While it did perform its required duties incredibly well, it was also the worst part about wearing the sleeves. After several hours of having the sleeves on, the silicone anti-slip system would dig into my skin, feeling very uncomfortable and leaving marks behind for another couple hours. It wouldn’t dig in so far as to cut off circulation or anything like that, and sizing was definitely spot on, it was just too much for my liking. I think the idea is great, because my compression knee braces slip and slide down whenever I wear them, this could be revised to both perform well and feel more comfortable.

At the end of the day, I enjoyed wearing the Copper Joint knee sleeves. I think that they are great for everyday wear and doing things around the house. However, if I’m performing more serious workouts or playing hockey, I will continue to wear a brace instead.

For more information on the Copper Joint knee sleeves, check out If you’re interested, you can order direct from the Copper Joint website and pick up your own Copper Joint compression knee sleeve for under $30.

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  1. Hi,
    I have purchased a knee brace.
    I like the product but I would suggest you adjust your sizes.
    I am about 5’2″ and 170 lbs.
    The xxl does not fit well.
    I am able to wear it for a period of time but then it is too tight.
    I realize that my thighs are larger than most but I don’t think I am unique.I had measured my thigh and according to you I should have fit into an XL. Needed to return product to get the next size an still have a similar problem. Thank you for listening.

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