Adrenaline Powerfoot Review

When it comes to your hockey skates, it can often be a good idea to eliminate negative space between your foot and the boot. This is why skates are heat moldable, and a reason why CCM still includes The Pump technology in their Ribcor skates. But those technologies aren’t your only options for removing negative space, in fact, they’re not an option at all for removing the space between the tops of your toes and the boot.

This is where Adrenaline Powerfoot comes in. The Adrenaline Powerfoot Skate Inserts were developed to eliminate that excess space above your toes, and by doing that, also improve your performance on the ice. However, are these things all they’re cracked up to be? Thanks to our friends at Adrenaline, we received some sample review units to test out the inserts. Find out below how we liked them in our full Adrenaline Powerfoot review.

Adrenaline Powerfoot Review

Adrenaline Powerfoot Skate InsertsThe Adrenaline Powerfoot Skate Inserts are small foam inserts that are cut with a rounded edge to fit perfectly in the toe-cap of your skates. The inserts come in junior and senior sizes, and are very quick and easy to install.

Once you have the inserts installed, you will immediately notice a difference. Right away you’ll find that your toes have much less wiggle room than before. This is all by design, of course. Despite less room in the toe box, the Powerfoot inserts are still comfortable, meaning you can continue to skate without worrying about discomfort affecting your performance.

The Powerfoot inserts also result in increased toe support, greater leverage and lateral stability, as well as improved energy transfer. It’s incredible that such a simple product is able to manage all these things, but it is very effective. By not allowing your toes to move freely, you are keeping them in place on the footbed at all times. This is going to improve your stride out on the rink, and allow each stride to maximize power output.

Overall Impressions

The Adrenaline Powerfoot skate inserts do exactly as they are designed to do, and perform well in doing so. At the end of the day, they’re a basic tool that will do a nice job to eliminate negative space and provide a bit of a performance enhancement. How much of a performance boost can be debated, of course, but it is there. Whether or not you want to add this to your setup will ultimately be a question of how much extra performance you are looking for. From my perspective, while the inserts perform well, it’s just not something I feel I absolutely need in my skates.

Where to Buy?

If you hate negative space in your skates and are looking for every extra boost you can get on the ice, be sure to check out the Adrenaline Powerfoot skate inserts. They run $19.99 from Ice Warehouse, so it’s definitely not breaking the bank to pick up a set.

Click here to check out the Adrenaline Powerfoot Skate Inserts at Ice and Inline Warehouse.

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