CCM RBZ Revolution Stick Review

CCM now has quite a history with the RBZ line of sticks. Each iteration progresses with new technology hoping to create more power and a better shot. The all new CCM RBZ Revolution stick is no exception. It features thrilling new technology, along with other improvements and refinements, which CCM hopes will make it the best RBZ yet.

We remain very grateful to our friends over at CCM Hockey who have gifted us with a brand new RBZ Revolution for our reviewing purposes. We’ve put the stick through the paces on the rink, and below you will find our full thoughts in the CCM RBZ Revolution review.


  • CCM RBZ Revolution Stick
  • 60” length
  • 435 grams
  • 85 Flex
  • McDavid (P28) Pattern
  • No modifications


  • Premier Carbon Composite
  • PowerHosel 2 Technology
  • Technora Aramid Fiber Reinforcement
  • Variable kick point
  • Rounded corners with slightly concave sidewalls
  • Tacky grip coating
  • TaylorMade FacePlate Technology with Power Alloy


Design and Construction:

The all new CCM RBZ Revolution stick maintains a similar design and color scheme that we’ve seen in past RBZ offerings featuring white, red, and black. However, instead of a primarily red stick like the Superfast and Speedburner, the RBZ Revolution returns to a primarily white design. The lower portions of the shaft and the entire blade are a matte white, while the upper parts of the shaft are black and red. The design is definitely less bold than the Superfast or Speedburner, but looks a ton better.

CCM’s RBZ Revolution stick is constructed with premier carbon composite, which is the highest grade of carbon fiber used by CCM. This allows the Revolution stick to be responsive, durable, and well balanced.

The real game changer with this stick was the addition of TaylorMade FacePlate technology with Power Alloy in the blade. This innovative metal blade face helps to increase the coefficient of restitution (C.O.R.), which is the amount of energy transferred from the blade to the puck. It also helps to increase the size of the sweet spot and create a more rigid blade for improved accuracy.

PowerHosel 2 Technology was also added to the Revolution and is used to further increase stiffness for a more powerful shot and improved accuracy. Beyond that, this technology will also improve the durability of the most slashed area of the stick.

The Revolution also includes Technora aramid fiber reinforcement. This technology is an incredibly lightweight and super strong reinforcement that is used throughout the shaft to improve durability. Technora has incredible fatigue resistance as well, so this stick is going to feel like new for a much longer period of time.

The RBZ Revolution stick is also constructed with a variable kick point. This means that the kick point of the stick will change depending on where your lower hand is placed when shooting the puck. If your hand slides down lower on the shaft for a big booming slapshot, the stick will react like a mid-kick. On the other hand, if your hand is higher up while taking a wrist or snap shot, the stick will offer a low kick for a fast release.

In terms of weight, the RBZ Revolution weighs in at 435 grams. This is 11 grams heavier than its predecessor, 23 grams heavier than the Ribcor Trigger, and 8 grams heavier than the Super Tacks stick.



I want to lead into the performance talk by discussing the feel of the stick. Right after taking the stick out of the box, I thought it felt quite blade heavy. CCM’s other sticks I find to be much more well balanced, but that did not seem to be the case with the RBZ Revolution. When you consider the Technology in the blade, however, you can certainly understand why it feels blade heavy.

As a whole, I think that CCM sticks have a much more lively puck feel than their competitors. The Revolution stick I think has the worst puck feel out of their premier level sticks right now, but it’s still pretty good. I think the FacePlate technology dampens the puck feel slightly, but not enough to be overly concerned with.

Now I’m sure what everyone is wondering at this point is whether or not the TaylorMade FacePlate technology actually works. In other words, is my shot harder or faster with this blade than with other blades?

Unfortunately, I can’t offer any type of scientific and statistical analysis on how much the C.O.R. improved with the new blade, or how much more powerful your shot can be with this stick versus the previous generation. However, from my usage, I can assure you that I had a hard and fast shot with the Revolution. It was a shot that felt real good coming off of the blade, with a nice pop and a special ping if you hit it just right. Shots also felt great and came off hard whether I was shooting from the heel of the blade, or off of the toe. To me, this means the Power Alloy is doing exactly what it is designed to by increasing the size of the sweet spot.

FacePlate technology really is an exciting feature on the Revolution. Playing with the new blade does almost make you feel like you’re getting away with something, or you have some advantage that no one else does. Having that on your side definitely gives you a confidence boost on the rink too, even if it might be all in your head.

One area where I can express disappointment though was in blade durability. During my first game using the RBZ Revolution, I took a weak slash to the top of the blade and ended up with a huge chip in it. Despite that, the stick still managed to help me to a four goal night and fortunately, in the several games I have used the stick since then, the blade has not cracked any further. However, I was very surprised and concerned to see it in the first place.


Overall Impressions:

For the past few years, the sticks that CCM has been releasing have only gotten better and better. The Tacks line remains among my all-time favorites, and the Ribcor and RBZ have also been tremendous. It comes as no surprise that the RBZ Revolution has also met my expectations from CCM.

While the idea of a Power Alloy in your blade may seem a bit gimmicky, it also adds some fun to your setup and is also something most other players don’t have. It has a certain element of coolness to it, if you don’t think you’re too good for that.

And why should you feel like you’re better than a stick with this type of technology? It’s good enough for a highly talented prospect like Anthony Mantha, who just picked up a hat trick for the Grand Rapids Griffins using this stick last night, so it must be good enough for players of all skill levels who want the most out of their stick.

Gimmicks and games aside, CCM is on a hot streak right now. I like nearly everything that they are releasing and this stick is no exception. If you’re in the market for a new stick and have the $299 necessary to purchase, this is definitely one to consider.

Where to buy?

If you like what you’ve read about the all new CCM RBZ Revolution stick, head over to Inline and Ice Warehouse to grab yours today for $299.99. Your purchase will come with free shipping, and IW will guarantee you’re getting the lowest price on your gear purchases.

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  1. My opinion on the CCM RBZ Revolution stick is it’s terrible. I mean I’m a CCM hockey type of guy. Every piece of gear I have is CCM. All my sticks are Revolutions. I heard good things about it so I went out and bought a couple of them. Once I first used it, it was nothing like how I heard it was. The blade breaks way to fast. I broke one of my sticks only two weeks into using it. I’m not impressed very much on the stick at all.

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