Warrior Covert Throwback Sticks

This fall, Warrior Hockey has introduced a new set of limited edition hockey sticks called the Warrior Covert Throwback sticks. This new series features three sticks from the current Covert line which have been given a limited edition throwback paint job.

Warrior Covert Super Dolomite Stick

Warrior Covert Super Dolomite Stick

The premier level stick in this new line is the Warrior Covert Super Dolomite stick. This Covert Super Dolomite is a Warrior Covert QRL stick with a throwback Super Dolomite look from 2007.

The Covert Super Dolomite stick features a true one-piece stick design and a low-kick profile thanks to Warrior’s T3 Dagger Taper. The stick weighs in at about 425 grams¬†and is constructed with Minimus Carbon 1000. This aerospace-grade material is 40% stronger than previous models while also being 10% lighter.

Warrior’s Covert Super Dolomite stick is priced at $269.99 which is on par with most premier level sticks these days.

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Warrior Covert Dolomite Stick

Warrior Covert Dolomite Stick

The Warrior Covert Dolomite stick is actually a Warrior QRL4 stick with a 2007 Dolomite design featured on it. This stick comes in at only $99, so you’re getting a great value for a really cool limited edition stick.

Warrior’s Covert Dolomite stick features the T3 Dagger Taper, and is a true one-piece stick constructed with Minimus flat-weave carbon fiber. The stick also features fiberglass reinforcement for added strength and durability. The Covert Dolomite uses a 3k carbon fiber weave wrap in the blade, and weighs in at 491 grams.

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Warrior Covert Mac Daddy Stick

Warriuor Covert Mac Daddy Stick

The most budget friendly of Warrior’s limited edition throwback sticks also has the most bold and aggressive design.

Warrior’s Covert Mac Daddy stick is actually a QRL5 with a Mac Daddy paint job. It’s constructed in true one-piece fashion with a¬†minimus carbon and fiberglass blend for terrific strength and durability. These materials also help the stick to remain light with a weight of 514 grams.

The throwback Covert Mac Daddy stick features a low-kick profile along with a lightweight and durable SoftCore X Foam blade core. This blade core helps to provide a responsive feel in your hands.

The Covert Mac Daddy stick is available for only $79.99.

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