Colt 3 Hockey Stick

Colt 3 Hockey Stick

Colt Hockey, makers of arguably the most durable hockey stick on the market, are back with the all-new Colt 3 stick.

One of the big improvements made in the Colt 3 stick is the weight reduction. The Colt 3 has lost 15% of its weight compared to the Colt 2, and has done so without compromising strength. The new stick will weigh in between 440 and 450 grams.

The Colt 3 not only lost weight but did somehow manage to maintain all of its strength. Much like the Colt 2, the new stick can still withstand 3x more impact force than the current elite level composite hockey sticks. Because of this strength, Colt Hockey is confident in providing buyers with a hassle-free 60-day warranty on each purchase.

Performance of the stick was improved in three different areas and they include product finish and feel, kick-point, and balance. The new Colt 3 stick will feature a modern kick point with improved energy transfer. It also features a new finish called the “Colt Soft-Touch.” It will also come exclusively with a grip finish.

The Colt 3 hockey stick is available for pre-order now through the end of November. The team at Colt Hockey expects to fill these pre-orders by mid-December and orders will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. The stick will retail at $309.49 CAD, but will be offered at an early bird discount for all pre-orders. The pre-order price is set at $289.99 CAD.

Head on over to to pre-order your Colt 3 stick today.

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