Allen, Darling Unveil Winter Classic Gear

Just days away from the 2017 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic, the special game day equipment have arrived and the players are beginning to wear it in practice ahead of the annual outdoor showcase.

Earlier this week goalies Jake Allen of St. Louis and Scott Darling of Chicago wore the equipment indoors at practice.

Allen’s gear will channel the colors of the early days of the Blues, when they wore a light shade of blue and yellow. His Vaughn pads are a mix of yellow, blue, and white. There is yellow above the knee break and blue below the knee break. The outer roll is white as well as the middle knee break.

His Vaughn mask follows the same color scheme with logos of the Blues’ 50th anniversary,  Winter Classic, and the Gateway Arch adorning it. As a nice nod to the outdoors snowflakes sprinkle the empty spaces on both sides.

“As soon as I heard we were playing in the Winter Classic and wearing the Blues’ original jerseys, I started thinking about designing the gear to match,” Allen said. “I wanted something that would match the team’s original colors and design while also having a clean and simple look. I think we achieved that.”

On the other side, Darling’s mask pays tribute to the Chicago Cubs and the lore of the newly crowned World Series champions. The sides of his white mask is stitched red like a baseball and each side has images of Harry Carey and the iconic Wrigley Field marquee.


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