Introducing the NetKnight Shooter Tutor

Nearly every hockey player has used a shooter tutor before. They always come in handy for drop-in sessions where a goalie doesn’t show up, or even just for practicing your shooting and accuracy at home. Shooter tutors have always been pretty basic, though, and that bothers many people. Now, thanks to the NetKnight™ Shooter Tutor, you can spice up your training with an intelligent shooter tutor.

NetKnight™ is a high-quality smartphone-controlled hockey shooter tutor that allows players of all ages to practice in their driveway or on the ice. It’s great for any player who wants to fine-tune their skills from beginner to expert. Using a smartphone, you can control how quickly the openings change or even hold one spot open for as long as you want. This forces the shooter to always keep their eyes up while shooting, just like they would need to in a real game. This makes it a great tool and toy that allows you to have more fun while training.

The NetKnight™ is constructed using a ballistic nylon shell which means it will be extremely durable and able to withstand all of your missed shots. The shell is also used to house the components that make the NetKnight work. High-density plastic is used for each of the panels which open and close, while a Bluetooth circuit card allows the NetKnight™ to connect your smartphone for controlling.

When you’re using the new NetKnight™ Shooter Tutor, you can choose between continuous, random or manual mode to customize your training experience. At the top speed, all five panels will open and close once every 5 seconds. The app allows parents to change the speed of the motor so younger players can learn at their own pace.

The NetKnight™ Shooter Tutor just launched as part of an all new Kickstarter campaign. If you’re interested in picking up a NetKnight, head over to the campaign page by clicking here, and then pledge $299 or more to be one of the first to get your hands on one. For more information, you can also check out

This post was sponsored by NetKnight Shooter Tutor.

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